CementingOptimizing Casing Performance

SNF offers a series of proven cement additives that optimize the performance of Oil and Gas cementing applications.  The SNF team has many years of combined experience in a variety of cementing applications across multiple markets. We continue to meet our customers’ challenges with a strong commitment to innovation, performance, and the environment.

Economic drilling of oil wells requires specific properties for types of cement backed by world-class supply chain and logistics.  SNF’s years of experience in the development, manufacturing, and supply of polymers to the Oil and Gas industry allows us to offer a series of polymers designed explicitly for cementing applications.

Different additives are often needed as wellbore construction operations go deeper into the formation:

  • Low Temperature, Mid-Temperature, and HTHP Fluid-Loss Control up to 260°C (500°F)
  • Suspension Additives for Cement and Spacer Fluids
  • Gas Migration Control
  • Dispersants
  • Retarders


SNF produces a range of specially engineered polymers for water-based drilling fluid systems in powder, liquid, and emulsion forms in various packaging to meet individual needs.  Each series of polymer meets one or several requirements, such as fluid-loss control, viscosity improvement, high temperature/high-pressure applications, and shale inhibition.  These polymers are produced in a variety of physical forms, molecular weights, and compositions for specific applications.

Cementing Product Categories

Dispersants/Retarder Additives

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ ODLow molecular weight polymers for improved mixing and placement characteristics together with reducing apparent viscosity and extending set-up time.

Fluid Loss/Gas Migration Control

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ OFPolymeric additives designed to control fluid loss and prevent free gas migration into the cement column.

Free Water/Suspension Additives

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ OSSpecially formulated polymers for preventing free water formation and reducing settlement of heavy particles.


  • High Levels of Salt Tolerance
  • Improved Cement Placement in the Annulus
  • Improved Adhesion to Casing and Formation
  • Improved Density Control



SNF offers assistance in testing cement recipes in both our French and U.S.-based Oil & Gas laboratories.

Whether its Fluid Loss, Set Time, Stability, or something else, SNF has the capability to pre-screen and get to the right cementing additive quickly for the customer’s application.

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