StimulationIncreasing Operational Efficiency and Profitability

Maximizing Production Potential

Achieving maximum production potential is crucial to the success and profitability of any well stimulation operation. With world-leading manufacturing capability, dedicated global R&D, and technical support, SNF can help you realize that objective.

Stimulation of unconventional oil and gas resources, primarily through hydraulic fracturing, is a critical component in meeting the growing global energy demand. As technology and treatment techniques have evolved, so too have the needs and requirements placed on the chemistry. Throughout this evolution, SNF has continued to rely and build upon its core competence in water-soluble polymers. We have the experience and innovation from chemistry, engineering, and logistics to deliver high-performance polymers suited to the demanding and changing needs of the industry.

SNF specializes in the development and manufacture of product ranges specifically designed and developed to enhance many aspects of well stimulation. With emulsion, liquid, and powder manufacturing capabilities, SNF stimulation chemicals include:

  • Friction Reducers
  • High Viscosity Friction Reducers (HVFR)
  • Crosslinked Gels
  • Permanent Clay Stabilizers
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Acid Gelling Aids
  • Coiled Tubing Friction Reducers
  • Pipeline/Disposal Well Drag Reducers

Stimulation Product Categories

SNF produces synthetic polymers in a variety of physical forms, molecular weights, and compositions for specific Oil & Gas applications. These products are designed to help our clients maximize operational and production efficiencies while reducing overall costs and impact on the environment.

Acid Gelling Aids

Product CategoryDescription
FLOJET™ DRHigh-performance cationic emulsion polymers specifically formulated for increasing acid viscosity.
FLOPAM™ EMCHigh-performance cationic emulsion polymers specifically formulated for increasing acid viscosity.

Clay Stabilizers

Product CategoryDescription
FLOQUAT™ FLHighly efficient cationic permanent clay stabilizers manufactured in an easy-to-use liquid form.

Coiled Tubing Friction Reducers

Product CategoryDescription
FLOJET™ DRCoiled tubing friction reducers are specially designed to operate under a range of conditions from fresh water to weighted brines.


Product CategoryDescription
POWDERFRAC™Rapid polymer makedown and dosing system for hydraulic fracturing operations.

Friction Reducers

Product CategoryDescription
FLOJET™ DRHigh-performance emulsion (liquid) friction reducers are designed to deliver low surface treating pressure over a full range of water conditions, applied either at conventional slick water loadings or at high concentrations.
FLOJET™ DRPAvailable in conventional and rapid hydrating X-grade forms, the FLOJET™ DRP Series of dry powder friction reducers is designed to deliver performance across the full spectrum of water conditions.

Pipeline & Disposal Wells

Product CategoryDescription
FLOJET™ PLSpecially designed range of emulsion grade friction reducers for improved efficiency of water transfer pipelines and disposal wells.

Scale Inhibitors

Product CategoryDescription
FLOJET™ SCPolymeric scale inhibitors specially formulated for the control of various oilfield scales.


SNF provides customer-specific analyses to determine exact brine composition (nature and quantity of salts) and carries out flow loop evaluations to ensure optimum product selection.


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