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When the well is complete, the job isn’t over. The challenge of keeping the oil and gas flowing now becomes paramount. Often the problem comes from the produced water. Whether it’s scale formation in the well or removing the oil and solids from the produced water, SNF understands and is here to support our customers. We offer specially developed and manufactured products to overcome these challenges. We also realize that these challenges can be different depending on where you are in the world. SNF products overcome some of the toughest oil and gas water treatment challenges around the world, for both onshore and offshore applications.

Production Chemicals
Production Chemicals

Whether it’s water from a well in the Permian, Daqing, Lower Congo, Vaca Muerta, an EOR job in the Western Canadian Basin, or even a refinery in the gulf, products for treating water is at the core of what we do at SNF.

SNF is the global leader in the manufacture of water-soluble polymers and provides ranges of products to meet the challenges that produced water presents:

  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Water Clarifiers and Metal Scavengers
  • Pipeline Drag Reducers/ Flow Improvers

Production Chemicals

Production Chemical Product Categories


Product CategoryDescription
HYPERFLOC™ CEStandard & Oil-Free Cationic polymer emulsions for the removal of residual oil and treatment of produced water from oilfield operations.

Produced Water Treatment Products

Product CategoryDescription
HYPERFLOC™ AEHigh Mw, high charge Anionic emulsion polymer for the treatment of waste water produced by oilfield operations.
HYPERFLOC™ CBCationic coagulant for treating waste water produced from oil & gas operations.
HYPERFLOC™ CPPolyamine coagulants for the treatment of produced water from oilfield operations.

Scale Inhibitors

Product CategoryDescription
FLOJET™ SCPolymeric scale inhibitors specially formulated for the control of various oilfield scales.
HYSPERSE™Polymeric scale inhibitors specially formulated for the control of various oilfield scales.


SNF has laboratories in both the US and France that can assist with determining the best product for removing solids, heavy metals &/or residual oil from produced water.  SNF has over 40 years of experience in helping customers produce clean water in O&G applications and across a variety of markets.

Production Chemicals

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