The numerous measures implemented by SPCM SA, the parent company to all SNF entities, over the last few years in the field of sustainable development, particularly regarding environmental, social, and economic issues (e.g. energy, carbon, sustainable development and social reports) reflect who we are as a company and are evident in our activities.

Our policies on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are in line with our commitments to:

  • be recognized as a company that applies the most stringent safety standards
  • comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as other social and economic requirements
  • minimize the environmental impact of our operations, particularly by optimizing energy consumption (gas and electricity)
  • advocate measures to prevent environmental degradation, limit our carbon footprint, and minimize our dependence on and use of natural resources
  • continue to monitor and evaluate performance, environmental, social, and economic indicators
  • raise awareness and motivate employees and partners to work and operate responsibly
  • eliminate corruption
  • provide proper training in line with job requirements
  • communicate (internally and externally) regarding the impact of our operations, particularly to customers regarding the proper handling, use, and disposal of our products
  • leverage customer feedback and field experience for the benefit of all Group companies
  • instill and encourage a safety mindset at all levels and locations in order to minimize risks and accidents, both on and off work

Putting these commitments into practice requires periodic evaluation of our performance, which we regularly communicate to all employees and partners.  For the purposes of prevention and continuous improvement, objectives are periodically reviewed and updated, taking into account the evaluation of results obtained, new scientific knowledge, best available techniques and technology, and changes in the socio-economic environment.

SNF Group’s Chairman & CEO and the Executive Committee, including international leaders/executives, fully support a commitment to non-financial performance.  This commitment ensures that staff, social and environmental considerations are understood and managed consistently.  The resulting policies are endorsed by the members of the Executive Committee, which is also responsible for ensuring communication and monitoring compliance with these policies throughout our organization.

SNF’s Director of Sustainable Development presents an annual report detailing the purpose, objectives, and results of our non-financial data verification.

SNF's Commitment to Sustainable Development

Reducing the environmental footprint of the Group’s activities is a major commitment.  To achieve this, SNF has changed its industrial practices to limit its emissions and optimize consumption.

World population growth and global living standards lead to increased consumption, resulting in scarcity of raw materials, including water.  SNF’s main activity is water treatment.  Population growth, urbanization, and irrigation associated with production agriculture all have a significant impact on water demand and access to clean drinking water supplies – a major challenge of the 21st century.  A leader in the manufacturing and application of water-soluble polymers, SNF Group has developed a portfolio of over one thousand products that help preserve our natural resources, promote recycling, and improve efficiencies of industrial processes.

Products produced by SNF see use in all areas where water is present, namely drinking water production, wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, oil and gas extraction, mining, agriculture, paper, textiles, and cosmetics.  SNF puts chemistry at the service of nature since our products play an important role in preserving our environment and ensuring access to energy.  In this way, our products improve the daily lives of everyone, everywhere in the world!

SNF Framework for Sustainability

In all countries where SNF is present, we are committed to:

  • Conceive new safe and efficient technologies respecting the environment
  • Reduce the impact of the production site on the environment
  • Preserve resources, minimize waste and treat it without risk for the environment
  • Cooperate with our customers and the authorities to conceive and perfect our products while minimizing their impact on health and the environment
  • Train personnel in industrial safety and environmental protection techniques and attitudes.


SNF aims to be a key player in the water treatment sector and all related applications.  The many initiatives we have undertaken in recent years to promote Sustainable Development, particularly in the environmental, social, and economic fields (energy balance sheet, carbon balance sheet, sustainable development report, social balance sheet, etc.), are closely related to our business activities.

Our policy on Sustainable Development is based on our pledge to deliver on our key commitments to:

  • Operate in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as all other applicable requirements at the social and economic levels
  • Develop a culture of integrity, loyalty, and honesty
  • Minimize the environmental impacts of our activities by optimizing our energy consumption (gas, electricity, and water)
  • Promote measures aimed at preventing environmental degradation, limiting our carbon footprint, and reducing our dependence on natural resources
  • Raise awareness among employees and partners and encourage them to conduct their activities responsibly
  • Provide training tailored to the requirements of each job
  • Communicate and inform, both internally and externally, the impact of our activities
  • Adhere to values inspired by fundamental principles set forth by the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the United Nations Global Compact

Delivering on these commitments requires periodic performance reviews, which are published regularly through information and communication campaigns for all employees and partners.

As part of our continuous improvement and prevention process, our goals are periodically reviewed and revised based on results achieved, new scientific knowledge, available technologies, and changes in the economic and social environments.

To achieve these goals, we have defined and implemented Management Systems to ensure compliance with environmental, social, and economic standards.

~ Pascal Remy, Chairman & CEO