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Welcome to SNF Trading ME FZE based in Dubai, UAE.  A subsidiary of the SNF Group, the leader in manufacturing and processing of water-soluble polymers with headquarter based in France.

As the interest of SNF customers are always our top priority, SNF Trading ME FZE was established in 2014 with the aim to work closely with customers and accessible technical support.

Our Research, Development, and Innovation activities are conducted by our dedicated research teams, specializing in the product chemistries, equipment, and technologies located within our headquarters.

With these team’s combined efforts, SNF can design and offer the best products and services to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations regarding product quality, cost effectivness, performance, and environmentally conscious design.

About UsGlobal Leader in Polyacrylamides

SNF is a privately held, specialty chemical company based in the Rhone-Alps region of France, with a long-standing presence on every continent.  With 21 production sites in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America, with a production capacity of 1,425,000 tonnes, SNF has the largest polyacrylamide production capacity in the world.

As a leader in manufacturing and processing water-soluble polymers (based on polyacrylamide), SNF has developed a range of more than 1,000 products that help preserve our natural resources, encourage recycling, and improve efficiencies of industrial processes.  Our polymers are used in all markets where water is present:  drinking water production, wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, oil and gas extraction, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing paper, textiles, and cosmetic formulations.

SNF products are sold into 140 countries, across every sector of the economy, with 51 subsidiaries located in more than 40 countries, in 3 major economic regions (The Americas, Europe, and Asia).

With a long-term strategy focused on innovation and investment, SNF maintains a high level of R&D expenditure along with continual investment in improving and expanding its production sites.  As a result, SNF now accounts for almost half of all global polyacrylamide production, which underscores the effectiveness of this innovation and investment policy.


SNF products include powders, emulsions, liquids, dispersants, and beads that are produced with various chemical properties (anionic, non-ionic, and cationic) and many different molecular forms (linear, branched, cross-linked, comb, and star).  Our knowledge in combining these different characteristics gives us the ability to tailor our products to specific applications and the specific requirements of end-users.


SNF is the world’s largest producer of polyacrylamide (PAM), a water-soluble polymer specifically designed to improve the quality and conservation of water. PAM has a broad variety of industrial and commercial uses as a flocculant, which facilitates the separation of suspended solids from water; as a viscosity modifier, which alters the thickness of liquids; as a drag reducer, which decreases the pressure drop along a segment of pipe; as a superabsorbent, which retains water; and many others. SNF’s PAM-based polymers improve the use and reuse of water in many markets such as:

  • Municipal and industrial water treatment (incoming raw water, drinking water, and wastewater)
  • Oil and gas exploration and extraction
  • Mining and mineral extraction
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Personal care and cosmetic formulations
  • Home Care, Industrial & Institutional
  • Textiles, Leather
  • Construction, Civil Engineering

In addition to PAM, SNF also produces specialty chemicals and equipment that complement the application of PAM or improve water utilization:

  • Coagulants (polyDADMAC, Polyamine, Polyaluminium Chloride and Ferric Chloride)
  • Dispersants (various homopolymers, copolymers, and terpolymers)
  • Mining Products (Xanthates, Dust Control, Defoamers, Rheology Modifiers)
  • Heavy metals chelating reagents (Dithiocarbamate)
  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Paper Products (Retention, Drainage, Strength Polymers, Wastewater)
  • Monomers (Acrylamide, m-DADMAC, DMAE(M)A Quaternized, ATBS, Sodium Allyl Sulfonate)
  • Equipment (polymer storage/makedown/dosage control, EOR injection, PowderFrac™)


The numerous measures implemented by The SNF Group, the parent company to all SNF entities, over the last few years in the field of sustainable development, particularly regarding environmental, social, and economic issues (e.g. energy, carbon, sustainable development, and social reports) reflect who we are as a company and are evident in our activities.

Our policies on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are in line with our commitments to:

  • be recognized as a company that applies the most stringent safety standards
  • comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as other social and economic requirements
  • minimize the environmental impact of our operations, particularly by optimizing energy consumption (gas and electricity)
  • advocate measures to prevent environmental degradation, limit our carbon footprint, and minimize our dependence on and use of natural resources
  • continue to monitor and evaluate performance, environmental, social, and economic indicators
  • raise awareness and motivate employees and partners to work and operate responsibly
  • eliminate corruption
  • provide proper training in line with job requirements
  • communicate (internally and externally) regarding the impact of our operations, particularly to customers regarding the proper handling, use, and disposal of our products
  • leverage customer feedback and field experience for the benefit of all Group companies
  • instill and encourage a safety mindset at all levels and locations in order to minimize risks and accidents, both on and off work

Putting these commitments into practice requires periodic evaluation of our performance, which we regularly communicate to all employees and partners.  For the purposes of prevention and continuous improvement, objectives are periodically reviewed and updated, taking into account the evaluation of results obtained, new scientific knowledge, best available techniques and technology, and changes in the socio-economic environment.

SNF Group’s Chairman & CEO and the Executive Committee, including international leaders/executives, fully support a commitment to non-financial performance.  This commitment ensures that staff, social and environmental considerations are understood and managed consistently.  The resulting policies are endorsed by the members of the Executive Committee, which is also responsible for ensuring communication and monitoring compliance with these policies throughout our organization.

SNF’s Director of Sustainable Development presents an annual report detailing the purpose, objectives, and results of our non-financial data verification.

Economies of Scale

SNF is better able to control costs, maintain finished product inventory, and assure that our products are of the highest quality.  We manufacture key raw materials at our ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities and have multiple vendors for some of our other key raw materials.

Leveraging these advantages enables SNF to offer the following benefits:

  • Lowest market pricing
  • Reliable product sourcing
  • Extensive product range available from a single source
  • Economic polymer equipment sourcing/support
  • Targeted training and support services
  • Experienced field support staff

Supply Chain Reliability

SNF strives to meet the growing demands of the markets we serve – keeping sight of the needs and supply requirements of our individual customers for cost-effective solutions.  In support of our global mission to be the largest and lowest cost producer of water-soluble polymers, SNF provides stability, global purchasing power, systems integration, production assets, inventory, and logistics to help keep our costs in check, and to offer reliable supply to our valued customers – even as market conditions and environmental factors outside our control occur in the market.  It is SNF’s desire to minimize any potential business or production interruptions.

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ISO Certification

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, is an independent, non-governmental organization, the members of which are the standards organizations of the 164 member countries. It is the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards and facilitates world trade by providing common standards between nations. Nearly twenty thousand standards have been set covering everything from manufactured products and technology to food safety, agriculture, and healthcare.

Use of the standards aids in the creation of products and services that are safe, reliable and of good quality. The standards help businesses increase productivity while minimizing errors and waste. By enabling products from different markets to be directly compared, they facilitate companies in entering new markets and assist in the development of global trade on a fair basis. The standards also serve to safeguard consumers and the end-users of products and services, ensuring that certified products conform to the minimum standards set internationally.

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