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SNF offers high-performance polymers such as rheology modifiers, performance additives, and dispersants to household, industrial, and institutional cleaning products manufacturers.  SNF is committed to helping address consumer expectations for product appeal, functional performance, and sustainability.  With our global manufacturing footprint and dedicated regional support, we serve our customers with solution-driven, multi-functional, and competitive innovations in fabric care, hard surface cleaning, dishwashing, and the general Home Care, Industrial, and Institutional (HI&I) markets.



The FLOSOFT™ line of products is used as cationic thickeners for home and laundry care including:

  • Fabric softeners
  • Lime scale removal
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Toilet bowl cleaners

FLOSOFT™ products are also used as a stabilizing agent for:

  • Car polishing
  • Shoe polishing
  • Hard surface polishing

Home, Industrial, & Institutional
Home, Industrial, & Institutional


The FLOGEL™ line of products is used as thickening agents over a wide range of viscosities, and imparting desired flow properties in order to stabilize solid particles in suspension and to stabilize emulsions in the following applications:

  • Hard surface cleaners
  • Dish washing (e.g., automatic dish washing liquid gels)
  • Hand cleaners (e.g., heavy-duty hand cleaners and hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gels)
  • Fabric care
  • Auto care
  • Deicing fluids


FLOSPERSE™ polycarboxylates are water-soluble polymers designed to enhance the performance of many different household, industrial, and institutional detergent formulations.

Benefits provided by FLOSPERSE™  polymers for this application are:

  • Excellent ability to disperse insoluble inorganic salts and soil particles
  • Soil-releasing properties for anti-redeposition onto fabrics
  • High efficiency for binding calcium ions
  • Stable under chlorine and alkaline conditions
  • High temperature stability
  • Low-foaming properties
  • Excellent compatibility with surfactants normally used in detergent and cleaning formulations
  • Excellent processing and granulating aid to spray dry products

Home, Industrial, & Institutional

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