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Water-Soluble Polymers

SNF specializes in water chemistry.  Our markets are driven by the increasing scarcity of natural resources such as water, oil, gas, and minerals.  Most of our product applications either treat and recycle water, or minimizes water consumption.  In addition, we help our customers reduce their energy consumption and therefore their carbon footprint.

As a global leader in manufacturing water-soluble polymers, SNF has developed a range of more than 1,000 products that help to preserve natural resources, encourage recycling, and improve industrial process efficiencies.  SNF polymers have several complementary functionalities: flocculation, coagulation, rheology modification, and friction reduction.

Our products are sold to all markets where water is used:

  • Drinking water production
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Oil & Gas production
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Textiles
  • Cosmetics
  • Specialty Applications

SNF is a significant player in the water treatment market and all related applications.  Numerous actions carried out over the last several years in the field of Sustainable Development, particularly regarding environmental, social, and economic issues (i.e., energy balance, carbon footprint, sustainable development, social balance) reflect who we are as a company and are evident in our activities.

A Letter From Our

Chairman & CEO

Pascal Remy

SNF specializes in water chemistry and helps treat, preserve, and recycle the world’s water. We are instrumental in addressing the growing scarcity of key natural resources essential for many new technologies. In Oil & Gas, SNF helps customers reduce their energy needs and carbon footprint.

We treat the water of more than 800 million people around the world and help thousands of industrial sites recycle their water. In mineral extraction, SNF provides solutions to help our clients grow while minimizing the environmental impact of their activities. In oil extraction, our products increase the amount of oil recovered from existing reservoirs and significantly decrease water consumption and carbon emissions per barrel produced.

SNF has the advantage and privilege of being positioned in markets that are at the heart of sustainable development issues and the forefront in combatting climate change.

To consolidate its position as a leader, SNF constantly expands its range of products and technologies through continuous investments in R&D. SNF also reinvests significant financial resources into improving and expanding our manufacturing assets to enable us to produce as close as possible to end markets.


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    Municipal Water Treatment

    SNF is the market leader in the supply of water-soluble polymers used as flocculants in the most demanding solid-liquid separation processes in municipal treatment plants for urban wastewater. Our products help reduce pollution levels in rivers throughout the globe.

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    Industrial Water Treatment

    SNF manufactures flocculants, coagulants, scale inhibitors, defoamers, and metals removal polymers for optimization of industrial water treatment processes and improvement of discharge water quality.

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    Oil & Gas

    SNF offers a broad range of products formulated to provide cutting-edge solutions for Hydraulic Fracturing, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Oil Sands, Drilling, Cementing, Well Stimulation, and Production.

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    SNF provides specialty chemicals and services for mineral processing and metallurgical industries, along with water treatment products that helps in water recycling and improvement of discharge water quality.

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    Pulp & Paper

    Water is essential to the paper industry, where it is used to transport cellulosic fibers and mix them with other components.  Increased paper and water recycling practices place a heavier burden on improvement of chemistries used to maintain paper and board quality.

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    Home Care

    SNF has developed many high-performance polymers for home care, industrial, and institutional cleaning applications.

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    SNF products improve germination, soil hydro-conductivity, irrigation efficiency, and soil water holding capacity. Our products can also reduce water and wind erosion, as well as crusting.

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    Personal Care

    SNF’s Personal Care Division offers a wide range of polymers for body, skin and hair care. These products are used as rheology modifiers, thickeners, and film formers that provide thickening, conditioning, or suspending effects to personal care formulations as well as secondary sensory benefits for rich, fresh and brillant textures.  

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    SNF is a global leader in the field of acrylic thickeners for the textile industry, including chemicals for printing, dying, finishing, and sizing.

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    Civil Engineering

    SNF offers polycarboxylate products that have been developed and tailored to the concrete, cement, grouts, adhesives, coatings, and waterproofing segments of the construction industry.

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    SNF provides customers with sound solutions for the remediation and reclamation of contaminated and non-contaminated sediments.  This can take place with any waterway, or any municipal or industrial lagoon.

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    Equipment & Engineering

    SNF is committed to being the industry leader in the engineering/design, fabrication, assembly, testing, and installation oversight of chemical storage, makedown, feed, and dosage control equipment.

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    SNF Global Key Figures of Market Shares

    Water Treatment 44%
    Oil & Gas 20%
    Mining 12%
    Paper 10%
    Other 9%
    Monomers 5%


    Assure our clients the most reliable source and the broadest range of water-soluble polymers and services and help them reduce their water and energy needs and their carbon footprint


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