Laboratory Studies

With  major Research & Development centers and regional lab facilities across the globe, SNF is able to support a wide range of customer projects.  All SNF laboratories are equipped with advanced industry-leading equipment, as well as in-house technologies developed by SNF.

Working closely with customer representatives, SNF can assist with essential screening and qualification processes in the following areas:

Polymer Selection

  • Rheology Analysis, Filterability
  • Thermal, Mechanical, and Chemical Stability
  • Porous Media Evaluation: Adsorption, Retention, Injectivity, In-situ Rheology

Produced Water

    Water Analysis

  • Polymer Detection and Quantification
  • De-Oiling
  • Environmental Fate of Polymer


  • Testing to Determine Maximum Suitability with Various Other Production Chemical Additives Contained in Specific Fluids

Fluid Loss Control Agent Selection

  • Rheology and Performance Product Selection for Mud and Cementing Fluid

Drag Reduction Effect

  • Flowloop and Miniloop Testing for Product Selection

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

  • Methodologies and Premium Analytical Expertise
  • Wellsite Measurements and Related Training