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Achieving maximum production potential, and minimizing cost is crucial to the success and profitability of any Oil Sands operation. With world-leading manufacturing capability, dedicated global R&D and technical support, SNF is ready to help you realize the potential you can obtain using SNF chemistries, novel applications, and specialized support.

Water management is crucial to any Oil Sands operation. SNF polymers provide effective ways to recycle clean warm water back to the upstream process, saving valuable money on excess raw water use and utility cost.  SNF products, along with expert application services and equipment to suit any need and site condition.

Oil Sands

In addition to water management, SNF has created several novel tailings management technologies that can be adapted to reach specific performance goal. Having a solid and reliable tailings management solution will help reduce capital commitment, valuable land requirements, enhance overall ability to reach ‘ready for reclamation’ government requirements and save money in terms of re-handling costs, plus many more benefits.

SNF specializes in the development and manufacture of a range of products specifically designed to meet all your tailings and process needs. With emulsion, liquid and powder manufacturing capability, SNF Oil Sands chemicals include:

  • Water Treatment Flocculants and Coagulants
  • Rheology Modifiers
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Drag Reducers
  • Dust Suppression
  • Freeze Control Aids
  • Reclamation Aids

SNF Oil Sands | Tailings Pond

As a proven technology, SNF products have made it possible to completely dry up many effluent storage ponds (MFT) for reforestation.

Oil Sands Product Categories

Dust Suppression

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ RDCChloride-free, environmentally friendly, dust suppression product range, specifically designed for haul, tailings, and admin roads.

Freeze Control Agents

Product CategoryDescription
CHUTE RELEASE™Freeze prevention aids for belt lines, chutes, etc. Used to transport mineral solids and side release enhancer for chutes, metal surfaces, etc., where freezing of material may occur.

Friction Reducers

Product CategoryDescription
FLOJET™ DRHigh-performance emulsion (liquid) friction reducers designed to deliver low surface treating pressure over a full range of water conditions, applied either at conventional slick water loadings or at high concentrations.

Reclamation Aids

Product CategoryDescription
FLOPAM™ RASpecialized polymers to enhance plant root growth, improve drought resistance and benefit long-term plant health and vitality.

Rheology Modifiers

Product CategoryDescription
FLOQUAT™ FLPolymeric dispersants are available in liquid and solid grade forms. With minimal slurry dilution, they effectively remove >90% of slurry viscosity.

Scale Inhibitors

Product CategoryDescription
FLOJET™ SCPolymeric scale inhibitors specially formulated for the control of various oilfield scales.

Water Treatment

Product CategoryDescription
FLOPAM™ NRGTailored solution to all solid/liquid separation applications.


Look to SNF for effective and efficient solutions to:

  • Mitigate technical risk by testing process technologies on a pilot scale.
  • Offer a safe, flexible, and cost-effective method to demonstrate and optimize production aspects.
  • Give operators the ability to test the commercial viability of new technologies before requiring capital investment.

Oil Sands

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