4 Primary Research and Development Centers

13 Applications Laboratories for New Product Formulation Testing and Development

SNF dedicates 1.2% of its turnover each year to developing new products and processes. Nearly 84% of R&D expenditure concerns at least one of the five pillars of the SNF Responsible Chemistry approach. We continuously monitor technical feedback from customers and end-users to enhance and expand our product portfolio of polymers.

Innovation is the key driver of SNF’s growth. That is why we focus on research and development in many aspects of our business. The importance of global networking and collaboration between our production units and end-users of our products is a significant reason for our successful innovation efforts.


Our research and development experts and technical field support represent a group of about 275 field specialists and 445 scientists and technicians. Approximately 40% are located in France, with the remainder being split between the United States, China, and our other field locations.

Based on more than 40 years of cumulative technology monitoring in polyacrylamide chemistries, SNF introduces 150 new products yearly with approximately 1,717 active patents in multiple jurisdictions.

Our technical expertise centers around the production of polyacrylamide, with an emphasis on:

  • Monomer development
  • Polymer technologies and production
  • Application testing and performance evaluation

We also work closely with our customers to develop and provide tailored applications of our products.

Innovation and Development
Innovation and Development


Our Research, Development, and Innovation activities are conducted by dedicated research teams, specializing in:

  • Chemistries: new monomers, a combination of monomers, macromolecular architectures, tagged technologies, delayed action and triggered polymers, as well as innovative formulations and compositions.
  • Polymerization Processes: new physical forms, higher activity, including eco-conception.
  • Upscaling Capabilities: from 100 mL to 50 m3 batch sizes, along with kilo lab and pilot batches.
  • Application Properties: from existing to new applications cross-fertilization.
  • Analytical Chemistry: an advanced, industry-leading array of spectroscopic, rheological, and chromatographic laboratory equipment to characterize our chemistries.
  • Equipment and Technologies: provide on-site customer application support to optimize and minimize polymer usage and assist with monitoring technologies.

With these teams’ combined efforts, SNF can design and offer the best products and services to satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations regarding product quality, performance, and environmentally conscious design.

SNF participates in various industry and academic initiatives. We also finance several Ph.D. and post-doc programs and other private-funded RD&I collaborations with many laboratories and technical groups around the world.