SNF offers a full range of polymer products and equipment to meet the varied needs of the mining industry.  Some of markets served by SNF in mining and metallurgical applications:

  • Solid liquid separation: decantation and filtration
  • Flotation of sulphide ores
  • Anti-scale products
  • Rheology modifiers for hydraulic transport, mine backfilling and ore crushing
  • Reduction of dust emissions
  • Remediation of polluted sites
  • Dredging

We serve the entire mining and metallurgical industry worldwide:

  • Bauxite and alumina manufacturing
  • Iron ore at the mine and in the pellet plants
  • Treatment of coal and fly ash
  • Treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous base metals: lead, copper, zinc, nickel
  • Precious metals: gold, silver and platinum group metals
  • Industrial minerals: Phosphate & Potash, Aggregates, Kaolin, bentonite, limestone

SNF provides chemicals and specialized services for mineral processing and the metallurgy industry; these products are used at each stage of the processes implemented.  Wet factories use specific chemicals in all stages of their operations: from primary excavation and crushing, to flotation enrichment and to metallurgical refining plants.  The treatment of residues and liquid effluents are also addressed.

In pyrometallurgy, SNF products are mainly used for pelletizing and briquetting (iron ore, manufacture of nickel briquettes).  Heavy metals contained in certain gaseous effluents are also treated.

SNF is able to provide technical solutions for reducing dust emissions into the environment: haulage and tracks, crushing and conveying installation, loading bulk carriers, transport in open wagons, protection of external storage.

Much progress has been made in the areas of environment, health and safety. These subjects remain of primary importance and the exposure of workers to smoke, dust and chemical risks must be greatly reduced.

SNF contributes to the sustainable development of the mining industry. The processed minerals are becoming poorer, which implies increased exploitation since consumption continues to grow.  The environmental footprint of mines and metallurgical sites will therefore also grow.  In particular, more water and energy will be needed to operate the mines of tomorrow.  In some countries, the water shortage is readily apparent and recycling is imperative.  Some factories are already thinking of operating in a closed circuit system. Our engineers and researchers are working on new product development technologies that meet these challenges.  In the field, our technical experts provide the services necessary to achieve these objectives.

Being the world leader in our field means nothing if we cannot provide the best quality of service to our customers. Thanks to our global network, we have developed a service team available 24/7. Our representatives come primarily from the mining industry where they have held positions such as metallurgists, process engineers, production managers, and engineering managers.  Our goal is not only to provide a quick response to specific problems, but also to sustainably work with our customers in the context of continuous improvement.  Another important commitment of SNF is knowledge sharing: the theoretical and practical training of operators using our products is an important aspect of our business, especially since the mining sector faces a general shortage of skills.


SNF is the world’s largest producer of polyacrylamide (PAM), a water-soluble polymer specifically designed to improve the quality and conservation of water.  PAM has a broad variety of industrial and commercial uses as a flocculant, which facilitates the separation of suspended solids from water; as a viscosity modifier, which alters the thickness of liquids; as a drag reducer, which decreases the pressure drop along a segment of pipe; as a superabsorbent, which retains water; and many others.  SNF’s PAM-based polymers improve the use and reuse of water in many markets such as:

  • Municipal and industrial water treatment (incoming raw water, drinking water, and wastewater)
  • Oil and gas exploration and extraction
  • Mining and mineral extraction
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Personal care and cosmetic formulations
  • Home Care, Industrial & Institutional
  • Textiles
  • Construction

In addition to PAM, SNF also produces specialty chemicals and equipment that complement the application of PAM or improve water utilization:

  • Coagulants (monomer DADMAC, polyDADMAC, Polyamine)
  • Dispersants (various homopolymers, copolymers, and terpolymers)
  • Mining Products (Xanthates, Dust Control, Defoamers, Modifiers)
  • Paper Products (Retention, Drainage, Strength Polymers, Wastewater)
  • Monomers (Acrylamide, ADAME/MADAME, AD/MA Quat, ATBS)
  • Equipment (polymer storage/makedown/dosage control, EOR injection, PowderFrac™)