Freeze ControlPolymer Solutions for Cold Climate Mining

Polymers are freeze control agents in mining loadout operations to prevent materials from adhering to surfaces during cold weather conditions. By applying these polymers to conveyor belts, railcars, trucks, and other equipment, they create a protective coating that prevents material from sticking. This ensures smooth and efficient loadout processes, minimizing delays and improving productivity, particularly in freezing temperatures. SNF offers a range of polymer products specifically designed for freeze control applications in mining loadout operations.

The selection of appropriate polymers as freeze control agents depends on factors such as the type of material being loaded, the specific surfaces involved, and the prevailing weather conditions. Polymers provide an effective solution to mitigate the challenges posed by freezing temperatures, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of mining loadout operations.

Freeze Control

Freeze Control Products

Product CategoryDescription
FLOMIN™ BD 500Freeze control agent used in colder conditions to treat ores and prevent freezing and clumping. Effective for treating belts and loadout conditioning as well as side car release, and car topper.