SNF has binding solutions for all processes of agglomeration – Pelletization, Briquetting, and Extrusion.

Our organic binder range is polyacrylamide-based and offers several advantages compared to other binders:

  • Low dosage
  • Higher Metal/Oxide content of the pellet/briquette
  • Good Green properties – plasticity and rigidity
  • Reduction of slag volume
  • High GCS, DCS and CCS
  • Can be dried or cured at ambient temperature

We are able to conduct trials in our Pilot Testing Center at our headquarters facility in France.

FLOFORM™ Iron Ore Pellets

Pelletization is a tumble/growth agglomeration mechanism for solid particulates. With the SNF FLOFORM™ range of binders based on acrylamide chemistry, the pellets have increased iron content as the dosage is low and it doesn’t introduce inorganic contaminants. (Al, SI, Cl, etc.)

FLOFORM™ is used to produce DR grade pellets for DRI and EAF steel processes.


FLODRI™ SI Cold-Bonded Briquettes/Pellets

SNF is an important actor of the intensive run toward Net-Zero Emissions in the Iron and Steel industries thanks to the innovative binders. SNF binders allow the induration processes of both sintering and pelletizing to be skipped. Our cold-bonded agglomerates (pellets and/or briquettes) can be used directly in Blast Furnaces or DR Furnaces.

Iron Ore Sinters

Sintering is a physical-chemical operation, in which materials are granulated together and fired into an induration furnace producing sinters.  Sinters are the main feed for Blast Furnaces worldwide.

SNF binders provide greater permeability during firing, leading to higher productivity.


FLOFORM™ / FLODRI™ BQ for Briquetting - Extrusion

Briquetting (roller press or extruder) is used to produce agglomerates with fines materials (up to 5 mm) that need to be put back into metallurgical processes.

These technologies apply to ores, mill scale, fines, dust from steel industries, DRI fines, bio-coal, and various metals such as nickel, cobalt, chromium, and alloys.

SNF has a range of binders that are tailor made for each application, even waterproofing for outside storage.

SNF’s headquarters location in Andrézieux, France is equipped with a pilot testing unit that is capable of performing agglomeration trials, selection of binders, or fine tuning of current processes.

SNF has 2 roller-presses, 1 extruder, 2 intensive mixers, and 1 dryer.

The SNF agglomeration team is ready to run trials for our customers to assist with binding solutions containing our polyacrylamide based formulas.