Polymer technical and environmental services are essential to the mining industry, ensuring the optimal selection, application, and performance of polymer-based products in various processes. These services encompass polymer selection and formulation, on-site technical support, process optimization, training, troubleshooting, and inventory management. By leveraging these specialized services, mining operations can achieve improved efficiency, safety, and sustainability in their processes.


SNF offers various polymer technical services to the mining industry to ensure the optimal selection, application, and performance of polymer-based products. Some of these services include:

  1. Polymer selection and formulation: Technical experts provide guidance on selecting the most appropriate polymer type, molecular weight, and charge density based on the specific requirements of the mining operation. Custom formulations can also be developed to address unique challenges and improve process efficiency.
  2. On-site technical support: Field engineers and technicians assist with the installation, calibration, and maintenance of polymer makedown systems, dosing pumps, and control equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  3. Process optimization: Technical service teams work with mining operations to evaluate and optimize the use of polymers in processes such as solid-liquid separation, water treatment, dust control, and more, helping to maximize process efficiency and minimize environmental impacts.
  4. Training and education: Comprehensive training programs are offered to mining personnel on the proper handling, storage, and application of polymer products, as well as the operation and maintenance of related equipment, promoting safe and efficient practices.
  5. Troubleshooting and problem-solving: Technical experts provide on-site or remote support to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to polymer performance, equipment, or application, helping to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.
  6. Inventory management and monitoring: Technical service providers can assist with the implementation of inventory management systems and tank level monitoring solutions to ensure timely replenishment of polymer stocks and optimal utilization.


The SNF Mining Team offers various lab services to help clients achieve optimal results with polymer-based products. These lab services typically include:

  1. Polymer testing and analysis: Testing to determine the most suitable polymer type, molecular weight, and charge density for specific mining applications, ensuring optimal performance.
  2. Custom formulation development: Developing custom polymer formulations tailored to a mining operation’s unique requirements, addressing specific challenges, and improving process efficiency.
  3. Compatibility and stability testing: Performing compatibility and stability tests to ensure the polymer products can be used effectively in conjunction with other chemicals and under the environmental conditions encountered in mining operations.
  4. Process simulation: Simulating mining processes to evaluate the effectiveness of the selected polymer, allowing for any necessary adjustments before implementation in the field.
  5. Analytical support: Assessing the performance of polymer products in various applications, such as solid-liquid separation, water treatment, and dust control, helping to optimize process efficiency.
  6. Quality control and assurance: Performing rigorous quality control and assurance tests on their products to ensure consistent performance and adherence to industry standards and regulations.


  • Polymer Screening
    • Structure, charge density, molecular weight, specialty
  • Application optimization
    • Optimal dosage, dosing location
  • Novel treatment strategies
  • Lab-based and field-based testing services
  • Substrate Characterization
    • Solids Content, Slurry Density, pH, PSD, Viscosity, Slurry Rheology, CST, Turbidity, Residual Polymer, Oil-Solids-Water Composition, TSS, TDS
  • Bench Scale Testing
    • Dust Suppression, Flotation, Dewatering, Rheology, Material Handling, Inline flocculation.
    • Standard Cylinder Settle Test
    • Dynamic Bench Scale Thickener, continuous flow/static flow
    • Bench scale centrifuge testing
    • Bench Scale Filter Press testing
    • Bench Scale Geotextile Tube testing
    • WEMCO and Denver Cell
  • Large Scale Testing
  • Field Trials
  • Operations Support
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Continuous Improvement