Specialty ApplicationsPolymer Solutions

Water-soluble polymers are utilized in various specialty applications within the HI & I market, from auto care and aircraft deicing applications to microencapsulation, gel fluids, and controlled fragrance release. With an extensive product range, SNF has the solution for any problem you may face when formulating for these specialty applications. Our goal is to provide customers with quality ingredients that enhance the overall performance of finished end-user products.

Polymers for Auto Care Products

SNF polymers are used as an ingredient in various auto care product formulations. These polymers offer unique properties that can enhance product performance, including improving cleaning and protection capabilities, altering viscosities, and improving user experience. From wash detergents to polishing wax, SNF offers performance polymers that act as rheology modifiers, foam boosters, and surface modifiers in formulations.

Overall, water-soluble polymers play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and effectiveness of auto care products, making them indispensable components in maintaining and protecting vehicles.

Specialty Applications
Specialty Applications

Aircraft Deicing Additives

Water-soluble polymers are ideal rheology modifiers for water-based glycol solutions commonly used as aircraft deicing fluids. These polymers are added to the deicing fluid in small amounts and act as thickening agents, which adjust rheological characteristics of these highly technical fluids.

As a result, the modified fluid adheres better to the aircraft’s surface, allowing for better protection against re-icing. Using water-soluble polymers as rheology modifiers for aircraft deicing fluids is essential for safe and efficient air travel in cold weather conditions.

Polymers for Fuel Gels

Polymers used in fuel gels act as thickening & gelling agents to adjust viscosity & texture of the fuel. When added to alcohols (in combination with water), these polymers form a gel-like substance that reduces the risk of spills providing a safer alternative to liquid fuels. The polymers also lessen the evaporation rate and assist in maintaining a desirable burn rate, which results in a longer burn.

Specialty Applications
Specialty Applications

Polymer Microencapsulation for Ingredients

Water-soluble polymers are commonly used in the manufacturing process of encapsulation of various actives, such as perfumes & fragrances. Microencapsulation is the process of enclosing small particles or droplets of a material within a protective shell made of polymers. This polymer shell protects and controls the release of active ingredients in various home care products, such as detergents, fabric softeners, and cleaning agents.

Controlled Fragrance Release Polymer Solutions

Superabsorbent polymers are used in gel air fresheners to control the release of fragrance over time. As the gel gradually releases the fragrance, the superabsorbent polymers help to prevent the fragrance from evaporating too quickly, ensuring that the scent lasts longer.

In addition, based on the composition of the aqueous-compatible fragrance, SNF’s range of polymers can help dial in the desired characteristics of your product, such as rate of swelling and heat resistance. Overall, using superabsorbent polymers in gel air fresheners is an effective way to create a longer lasting and more consistent fragrance experience.

Specialty Applications

Other Industrial Applications

HI&I’s market trends are constantly impacted by generation revolution, environmental awareness, and increasing regulatory restrictions.  Creating simple solutions for each application is challenging, but SNF is determined to remain a consistent solution provider and innovative partner for your business.

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Product CategoryDescription
FLOSOFT™ LS 447 SConditioning polymer with excellent fiber affinity to add on softness and fragrance retention for home fragrance and linen spray
FLOSOFT™ LS 457 CPatented fabric conditioning agent that promotes softening benefits, textile protection, and fragrance elongation for home fragrance and linen spray


Product CategoryDescription
FLOSPERSE™ BIS 4065Phosphorus-free versatile dispersant promotes cleansing ability by effective soil dispersion and hard water spots prevention
FLOSPERSE™ BIS 4065 APhosphorus-free anti soil re-deposition agent for acidic HI&I applications
FLOSPERSE™ 1025 CMEnhances cleansing efficacy by preventing filming and mineral deposits onto surface
FLOSPERSE™ 10030 CMMost suitable for continuous cleaning applications where water scale prevention and fabric whiteness maintenance are essential


Product CategoryDescription
FLOGEL™ DE 35 HAAlkali-swellable polymer (ASE) to thicken and stabilize particles in high clarity surfactant-based industrial compositions
FLOGEL™ FG 547Good electrolyte resistance and solvent compatible powder thickener for aqueous industrial compositions (from pH 2 to 12) that desire special rheology & high clarity
FLOGEL™ DE 42 HHydrophobically-modified Alkali Swellable Emulsion (HASE) polymer offers outstanding associative thickening for surfactant-based Industrial formulations
FLOGEL™ FG 601 & FLOGEL™ FG 658Pre-neutralized anionic thickener in inverse emulsion which can be readily used in HI&I applications of pH 6-12
FLOGEL™ FG 695Pre-neutralized anionic thickener in inverse emulsion which can be readily used in HI&I applications of pH 2-12
FLOGEL™ FG 860Powder carbomer offers thickening and suspending power for HI&I applications upon neutralization
FLOGEL™ C Product RangeExcellent low pH surface polishing emulsion thickeners and stabilizers that contains cationic and/or non-ionic ingredients