Fabric CarePolymer Solutions

Water-soluble polymers are essential in formulations for consumer fabric care products. These polymers provide thickening, softening, conditioning, and many other functional benefits, all while improving performance and enhancing the consumer experience.

SNF polymers deliver a variety of functional benefits for the following fabric care products:

  • Laundry detergents
  • Fabric softeners
  • Bleaches
  • Disinfectants
  • Stain treatments

Fabric Care

Functional Benefits of Polymers for Fabric Care 

  • Soil Suspension: Helps to suspend and to disperse dirt and stains during washing.
  • Anti-redeposition: Forms a protective layer on the fabric surface. This reduces the chance soil particles reattach to fibers and keeps fabrics from graying over time.
  • Color Care: Inhibits dyes from transferring between garments during the wash, helping maintain color vibrance over time.
  • Fabric Softening: Smooths fabric surface making it more comfortable to wear.
  • Thickening/Rheology Modification: Adjusts fabric care products’ viscosity and flow properties. This ensures products have the optimal consistency for use.
  • Dispersing: Aids in dispersing ingredients in formulations, ensuring a homogeneous mixture and consistent results.
  • Anti-static Properties: Reduces static cling on fabrics making garments more comfortable to wear and easier to handle after washing and drying.

These benefits contribute to a better user experience and help maintain the quality and appearance of garments.

Overall, water-soluble polymers are significant ingredients for the performance and effectiveness of fabric care products. SNF’s comprehensive portfolio ensures that formulators can work within a broad range of ingredient compatibility, allowing them to focus on optimal suspension, texture, and flow properties.

Products for Fabric Care


Product CategoryDescription
FLOSOFT™ FS 222 & FLOSOFT™ FS 555Ready-to-use cationic rheology modifiers, supplied in liquid form, providing effective stabilization and thickening for liquid fabric softeners and treatments
FLOSOFT™ FS 209PPowder cationic rheology modifier providing effective stabilization and thickening for fabric softeners and treatments
FLOGEL™ DE 35 HAAlkali-Swellable Emulsion (ASE) polymer to thicken and stabilize particles in high clarity surfactant-based formulations
FLOGEL™ DE 42 HHydrophobically-modified Alkali Swellable Emulsion (HASE) polymer offering excellent associative thickening for surfactant-based formulations, as liquid detergents
FLOGEL™ FG 510 & FLOGEL™ FG 547Exceptional pre-neutralized rheology modifiers, supplied in powder form and delivering viscosity & stability to low-to-medium surfactant-based formulations. Compatible with ethanol.
FLOGEL™ FG 601Pre-neutralized anionic thickener in inverse emulsion which can be readily used in fabric applications of pH 6-12
FLOGEL™ FG 695Pre-neutralized anionic thickener in inverse emulsion which can be readily used in fabric applications of pH 2-12
FLOGEL™ FG 860Powder carbomer offering thickening and suspending power for fabric applications upon neutralization


Product CategoryDescription
FLOSPERSE™ BIS 4065Phosphorus-free versatile dispersant which inhibits soil re-deposition and scale formation onto fabrics during the wash and rinse cycle
FLOSPERSE™ BIS 4065 APhosphorus-free anti soil re-deposition agent for acidic laundry applications
FLOSPERSE™ 10030 CMInhibit fabric encrustation by mineral scales and control fabric graying through the prevention of soil re-deposition in laundry applications


Product CategoryDescription
FLOSOFT™ CCPPremium dye transfer inhibitor, interacting with free-dyes for color-safe laundry detergents
FLOSOFT™ ADEEffective dye transfer inhibitor offers color protection and conditioning benefits for laundry detergents


Product CategoryDescription
FLOSOFT™ LS 407 & FLOSOFT™ LS 447 SLiquid ingredients providing anti-static and softening for both fabric detergents and conditioners
FLOSOFT™ LS 457 CPatented polymer in liquid form, that provides anti-static & softening benefits with enhanced compatibility with all type of finish products, including anionic formulations.
FLOSOFT™ LS 522 & FLOSOFT™ LS 539Liquid & High affinity fabric conditioning aids with excellent compatibility with anionic laundry detergents
FLOSOFT™ BS 061Polymeric ingredient in powder form that promotes softening benefits and textile protection for powdered laundry detergents and softeners