Dish CarePolymer Solutions

Dish care encompasses a range of products and methods designed to clean, sanitize, and maintain dishes, glassware, utensils, and cookware. SNF manufactures functional water-soluble polymers used in the final formulation for dish care products. Polymers can be essential ingredients for formulators by enhancing product performance, stability, and effectiveness.

Some common functions of polymers in dish care products include:

  • Thickener: Helps maintain the product’s consistency and ensures even distribution of active ingredients.
  • Dispersant: Disperses dirt, food particles, and stains for easy removal from dishes.
  • Rheology Modifier: Alters viscosity and flow properties for easier product application and rinsing.
  • Foam Enhancer: Lifts and suspends dirt, grease, and food properties for easier cleaning. Enhances product foaming properties and provides skin conditioning and quick drying benefits.
  • Anti-Redeposition Agent: Prevents redeposition of food, grease, and stains back onto cleaned dishes during washing resulting in cleaner, spot-free dishes.

Dish Care

By incorporating water-soluble polymers in dish care products, a manufacturer can enhance cleaning performance, improve product stability, and ensure customers a more efficient and effective dishwashing experience.


Product CategoryDescription
FLOSPERSE™ 1025 CMDish care dispersant that enhances cleansing efficacy by preventing filming and mineral deposits on glassware
FLOSPERSE™ BIS 4065 APhosphorus-free dispersant for acidic dish care applications
FLOSPERSE™ BIS 4065Phosphorus-free versatile dispersant promotes soil dispersion and hard water spots prevention


Product CategoryDescription
FLOCLEAN™ FE 430Enhances detergent’s foaming properties by providing longer-lasting and luxurious foam with skin conditioning benefit for manual dish soap
FLOCLEAN™ FE 531Foam booster with water spot prevention, quick drying, and conditioning benefit for dish care applications


Product CategoryDescription
FLOCLEAN™ HSC 536Special polymer which interacts with hard surfaces for anti-fogging, quick drying, anti-scaling, easy removal of soap scum, and lime-scale prevention
FLOCLEAN™ HSC 565 (Not Available in the U.S.)Special polymer which interacts with hard surfaces for anti-fogging, quick drying, anti-scaling, easy removal of soap scum, and lime-scale prevention
FLOCLEAN™ HSC 458 CUnique hard surface modifier improves soil prevention, quick drying, anti-fogging, and anti-scaling properties


Product CategoryDescription
FLOGEL™ DE 35 HAAlkali-swellable polymer (ASE) to thicken and stabilize particles in high clarity surfactant-based cleaners
FLOGEL™ DE 42 HHydrophobically-modified Alkali Swellable Emulsion (HASE) polymer offering outstanding associative thickening for surfactant-based formulations, as liquid dish detergents
FLOGEL™ FG 510Exceptional powder thickener with good electrolyte tolerance and board pH compatibility (2-11) for surface treatment products
FLOGEL™ FG 547Good electrolyte resistance and solvent compatible powder thickener for aqueous dish that desire high clarity