Engineering / Equipment

Dredging projects often require a range of equipment specifically designed for handling and utilizing polymers. This polymer-related equipment plays a crucial role in optimizing the dredging process and achieving efficient solid-liquid separation. They enable better control over the polymer dosing, mixing, distribution, and monitoring, leading to enhanced solid-liquid separation, reduced sedimentation, and clearer water discharge.

Polymer Makedown Equipment

Using polymer makedown equipment in dredging operations offers several advantages. It improves the dewatering and solid-liquid separation processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. By effectively separating solids from water, it allows for the proper disposal or reuse of the dredged material and minimizes environmental impacts.

SNF offers custom-designed equipment to fit the needs of each customer application. Units can be designed to include a patented Polymer Slicing Unit (PSU) or other polymer wetting systems and can be configured to handle dry, emulsion, or liquid polymers. SNF offers a mobile dry makedown system for large-scale field trials without the need to install permanent units to customer processes. All programming, instrumentation, installation, commissioning, and training on our makedown equipment can be managed by our knowledgeable technical service staff.

Polymer Pumps

Polymer pumps in dredging operations are specialized equipment designed to transport and inject polymer solutions or slurries into the dredging system. They play a crucial role in achieving precise dosing, efficient mixing, and improved separation, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the dredging process.

System Controls & Application Automation

System controls and application automation in polymer dosing for dredging operations involve the use of dosing controls, monitoring devices (such as solids probes, bed level sensors, pH probes, and turbidity sensors), and automated control systems. These components work together to optimize polymer dosing, ensuring accurate dosage, real-time monitoring, and automation of the process. This leads to improved treatment efficiency, enhanced separation, and greater operational control during dredging projects.

Inventory Management & Tank Level Monitoring

Polymer inventory management and tank-level monitoring systems are crucial in dredging applications, ensuring the efficient use and replenishment of polymer-based products. These systems provide real-time data on polymer stock levels and consumption rates, allowing for timely reordering and optimal utilization. By implementing effective inventory management [...]