Dredging Services

At SNF, our Technical Services are designed to provide you with comprehensive, tailored solutions for your unique industry needs.  Our cutting-edge Lab Services offer precise analyses of your specific conditions, identifying the most effective strategies to suit your requirements.  This means you get bespoke, accurate results, every time. But our support doesn’t stop there.  Our Process Optimization service systematically refines your operations, enhancing productivity, minimizing waste, and significantly reducing your operating costs.  We’re all about helping you work smarter, not harder.  Moreover, our System Audits ensure the robustness and regulatory compliance of your systems. Our audits offer insights into the effectiveness of your existing operations, identify areas for improvement, and provide strategies for peak system performance.  At SNF, we’re not just about maintaining standards, we’re about elevating them.  Lean on our technical services for streamlining your processes, enhancing your systems, and achieving exceptional operational efficiency.

Laboratory Services

  • Polymer Screening
    • Structure, charge density, molecular weight, specialty
  • Application optimization
    • Optimal dose, dosing location
  • Novel treatment strategies
  • Lab based and field based testing services
  • Substrate Characterization
    • Solids Content, Slurry Density, pH, PSD, Viscosity, Slurry Rheology, CST, Turbidity, Residual Polymer, TSS, TDS
  • Bench Scale Testing
    • Dewatering
    • Standard Cylinder Settle Test
    • Dynamic Bench Scale Thickener, continuous flow/static flow
    • Bench scale centrifuge testing
    • Bench Scale Filter Press testing
    • Bench Scale Geotextile tube testing
    • Large Scale Testing
    • Field Trials
    • Operations Support
    • Troubleshooting
    • Continuous Improvement

Process Optimization

  • Thickeners
  • Filters

System Audits