SNF has completed a two-year-long construction and expansion of ADAM (dimethylaminoethyl acrylate) monomer production capacity at our facility in Riceboro, Georgia. This expansion increases SNF’s U.S. ADAM capacity by 80%. ADAM is the main feedstock for ADC80 cationic monomer, an essential component in all SNF cationic polyacrylamide-based polymers.

This new ADAM monomer capacity features a new catalyst that provides more process flexibility with an improved safety profile for our employees. Further, methanol, a by-product of ADAM production, will be used as a fuel source, making the process more sustainable and less reliant on natural gas.

This expansion represents SNF’s ongoing commitment to meet the increasing demand for cationic polyacrylamide-based polymers in wastewater treatment, oil & gas, and paper applications.

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