Tunneling and Horizontal Directed DrillingAdditives for Tunnel Boring Machines and Mud Management

SNF provides solutions for underground projects, from front shield to mud conditioning, transportation, and waste management.  Our products ensure that tunneling operations run at peak efficiency while minimizing waste.  SNF civil engineering experts are always available to support operations through to completion.

Tunneling and Horizontal Directed Drilling

Subcontractors specializing in tunneling, pipejacking, and HDD use specific drilling fluids to carry out their projects.  The success of excavation at optimal costs depends on the properties of drilling fluids to achieve targets such as:

  • Carrying cuttings from bottomhole
  • Ensuring the stability of the cutting front
  • Preventing water infiltration
  • Avoiding fluid losses
  • Minimizing filtrate
  • Facilitating drilling mud treatment

In TBM projects with mud (Mix Shield or Variable Density) or foam (Earth Pressure Balanced Shield), there is a growing demand for innovative additives to improve productivity while reducing the impact on the environment.  SNF is at the forefront of innovation by offering ever more sophisticated products that meet the most advanced requirements.

Tunneling and Drilling Products

Dispersants and Thinners

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSPERSE™ CTProducts used for drilling mud viscosity reduction, shelf-life extension, and mud circulation improvement.

Dust Control Products

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CEFull range of liquid solutions used in open shield, for dust control on conveyors, and when excavation takes place in very hard ground.


Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CEPremium liquids used in horizontally directed drilling as friction reducers between pipes and ground.

Mud Treatment

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CEA large range of coagulants and flocculants are designed for drilling mud treatment with a filter press or centrifuge.

Plugging Agents

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ / FLOSORB™ CEReady to use water-absorbent, and water-swellable liquids designed to prevent fluid loss or water infiltration.

Thickeners and Conditioners

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSPERSE™ CTLow molecular weight polymers are used as shale inhibitors, clay inhibitors, and for solid particle dispersion.
FLOSET™ CEPremium liquids designed for EPB foam conditioning, front excavation confinement, and mud transportation.