The SNF technical team consists of five members with more than 50 years’ combined experience within the industry.

The laboratory comprises of two separate areas – a designated ‘dirty lab’, where the majority of municipal test work occurs, and a ‘clean lab’, in which the industrial, speciality and drinking water test work occurs to prevent contamination. There’s also a designated samples dispatch area where samples are processed and sent upon customer request.

What we do: specialist equipment and processes
The laboratory is home to specialist equipment that’s used for the routine evaluation of customer samples as well as for accurate test work that help to identify the optimum product for the customer’s needs. Included in our equipment is a laboratory based centrifuge, Chemical Oxygen Demand incubator and spectrometer, Brookfield Viscometer, PH and conductivity meter and a CST meter.

The SNF laboratory conducts test work on a large variety of customer samples including municipal, aggregate, agricultural, food processing and distilleries. We also provide for speciality customers from around the UK.

SNF has a strict and primary focus on health and safety. Mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided upon entering the laboratory, while hazardous chemicals are locked away with appropriate cautionary pictograms on the cupboard. COSHH documents are readily available for these chemicals.

A nod to sustainable technologies
As part of the Green Chemistry initiative, the laboratory has a securely designated waste disposal unit where any waste product or potentially hazardous material can be locked away and disposed of by a specialist third party company. By doing this, we’re ensuring the waste poses no risk to the environment and won’t cause harm.

The laboratory contains a well-ventilated fume cupboard and suction unit system throughout the laboratory, which allows SNF to conduct test work with minimal odours and ultimately reduce the risk to health.

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