Dear valued customer,

The already tight supply situation for many of our key raw materials has continued to worsen, driven by strong demand and force majeure events from key monomer suppliers. This has resulted in unprecedented raw material costs.

In addition to this our manufacturing costs have been significantly affected by the global energy crisis, packaging costs have risen and the cost of transporting raw materials and finished goods both internationally and in the UK have risen to new levels. For these reasons we are forced into a position where we must further increase our prices to cover the increased costs in our supply chain.

As of 1st February 2022, we will be increasing prices where contracts allow by 7–25 % depending on product type. This is in addition to the increases announced in 2021.

We thank you for your continued business and understanding during this challenging time.

Please contact your SNF Account manager if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Please see signed document here.

Andrew Woollin
Managing Director

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