Effective June 18, 2015, SNF Polydyne Inc. completed the acquisition of Atlantic Coast Polymers’ (ACP) Mannich and solution copolymer business.  We believe SNF Polydyne will benefit from this acquisition as we continue to grow our sales in the municipal market.

This purchase gives SNF Polydyne a more competitive edge and will allow us to continue our corporate mission to be the leader in supplying polymer to the municipal water and wastewater market.  We look forward to providing products and support to our new customers.

If there are questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at 1.800.848.7659 ext. 2001 or via email at bstanley@polydyneinc.com.


Boyd Stanley
Business Director

SNF Polydyne Inc.

1 Chemical Plant Road
Riceboro, GA 31323
Direct: 800.848.7659 ext. 2001


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