SNF is currently facing accelerated growth in the different markets the company serves throughout the world.  Generally speaking, this growth is driven by the increased scarcity of key natural resources:  fresh water, minerals, and oil & gas.  In order to fulfill the expected growth in demand from existing and new customers, SNF has decided to step up its investment program for the next 3 years through the ‘INVEST FOR GROWTH’ initiative.

The overall goal of the initiative is to increase our global polyacrylamide capacity by about 100,000 metric tonnes (in active equivalent) per year for the next 3 years in order to reach 1 MILLION metric tonnes (MT) of capacity by the end of 2016.  This initiative extends and amplifies the investment program already initiated in 2013, which led to a capacity increase of 100,000 MT.  The new powder lines in operation, under construction, or under design for the 4 years covering 2013-2016 are as follows:


  • Taixing (China):  2 new lines of 25,000 MT each
  • Plaquemine (USA):  1 new line of 25,000 MT


  • Taixing (China):  1 new line of 25,000 MT
  • Andrézieuz (France):  1 new line of 25,000 MT
  • Ulsan (Korea):  1 new line of 15,000 MT


  • Taixing (China):  1 new line of 25,000 MT
  • Riceboro (USA):  1 new line of 15,000 MT
  • Plaquemine (USA):  1 new line of 25,000 MT


  • Rudong (China):  1 new line of 25,000 MT
  • Saratov (Russia):  1 new line of 25,000 MT

In addition, SNF will increase production capacity in emulsions, liquids, monomers, coagulants, and specialty products across all geographies.

Over the period of 2014-2016, SNF expects to invest over $1 Billion US Dollars in capital expenditures for new site openings and capacity expansions.

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