We are pleased to announce a new Customer Support Center.  The 160,000 square foot ( 14,500 square meters) building on 8 acres is located in Edmonton, Alberta.  This new center will include a state-of-the-art laboratory for product selection, application testing, and field support.  Our field equipment support group for start-up, service, and spares will operate from this site.  The center is serviced by rail to ensure cost-effective product movement into and throughout western Canada for our complete range.  This includes receiving, filling, and shipping SNF’s “closed-loop” 20 metric tonne powder shipping containers, as well as emulsion and liquid polymer bulk.  SNF is committed to providing the best possible customer support to all of our markets and will occupy the building in November 2015.  SNF produces a total of 160,000 metric tonnes of polyacrylamide-based powders and 360,000 metric tonnes of polyacrylamide-based emulsions in Riceboro, GA, and Plaquemine, LA in the U.S.

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