Following the UK’s exit from the European Union and entry into the transition period, scheduled to end 31st December 2020, there is still a degree of uncertainty as to what regulatory and trading terms this exit will ultimately be under. As a result, SNF has implemented a number of contingency measures to mitigate against any interruption to supply

  • SNF is holding regular, multi-disciplined planning meetings to ensure, as the political situation develops, that we are prepared for 1st January 2021.
  • SNF is continuously assessing the impact on the business and operational processes and identifying practical contingency solutions to put in place.
  • SNF will continue to communicate directly with customers on the need to place forward orders and demand forecasts, to ensure that sufficient product is available SNF will continue to hold discussions with our partners to ensure preparations and continuity plans are aligned.
  • SNF and our hauliers will have Authorised Economic Operator status from the 1st January 2021, which will give us priority when shipping goods into the UK.
  • SNF is maintaining higher than normal stock levels in the UK to further ensure continuity of supply.SNF has also increased the number of UK import points and, if needed can leverage our global manufacturing network to bring materials to the UK via alternative supply points / routes / networks.
  • SNF is committed to fully comply with all the requirements foreseen by the relevant bodies for all the products we import in to, and export out of, the UK. SNF is making every effort to ensure that supply will not be interrupted and there will be no negative impact to our interested parties due to not meeting these requirements.

SNF will closely monitor the political developments to put ourselves in a position to take actions with the purpose of preventing or minimising, inconveniences to our customers.

Please contact your Account Manager, should you have any specific questions in relation to this statement. You can view the signed statement here.

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