Introducing NATURSOL™ EMI Lite:  The Next Evolution in Sustainable Rheology Modifiers

SNF proudly announces the launch of NATURSOL™ EMI Lite, a groundbreaking innovation set to redefine the landscape of skincare formulation. This revolutionary product seamlessly merges performance with sustainability, marking a significant advancement in the cosmetics industry.
NATURSOL™ EMI Lite represents a paradigm shift in skincare formulation. Combining light texture and stabilizing performance, this innovative rheology modifier boasts a naturality index of 78%, positioning it as a frontrunner in environmentally conscious beauty solutions. With its superior biodegradability, NATURSOL™ EMI Lite offers skincare formulators the opportunity to create luxurious textures without compromising eco-friendliness.

“At SNF, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability without sacrificing performance,” said Pascal Boehm, SNF’s Head of Personal Care & Home Care. “With the launch of NATURSOL EMI 132 in 2021, we embarked on a journey toward sustainable high-performing rheology modifiers. NATURSOL™ EMI Lite is the next step in this journey, adding biodegradability to naturality. This patented technology acts as a new platform, laying the foundation of sustainable solutions that will redefine the future of care. NATURSOL™ EMI Lite unlocks new possibilities for formulators to create sophisticated yet sustainable skincare products.”

NATURSOL™ EMI Lite is part of SNF’s inverse emulsion polymer portfolio; it remains cold-processable, offering CO2 emissions and time savings for formulations.

Crafted using patented technology, NATURSOL™ EMI Lite undergoes rigorous OECD 301F testing, confirming its ready biodegradability performances. This new polymer offers a perfect equilibrium between performance and sustainability, catering to environmentally conscious consumers’ and manufacturers’ demands.

Experience the future of skincare formulation at in-cosmetics Global 2024, held from the 16th to the 18th of April in Paris. Visit SNF’s stand 1S108 to learn more about NATURSOL™ EMI Lite and be one of the first to experience NATURSOL™ EMI Lite.

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