Chemical dosing systems

Established in 1993, the SNF customer engineering department exists to provide the full range of polymer preparation and dosing systems. That means that we can tailor our dosing systems in a bespoke service to meet the various specifications of every individual customer.

The SNF promise
Our extensive range of products, including powder polymer preparation units, coagulant dosing systems, and emulsion polymer preparation units, ensure customers are getting the best quality while using as little product as possible.  Health and safety is of the utmost importance to SNF and our products meet the high health and safety standards of all industries.  By using SNF mixing systems on the right applications, our customers could make up to six-figure annual savings.

It’s not just about the products. We’re the largest polyacrylamide manufacturer in the world – but we’ll never lose touch with our customers.  We’re proud to provide an extensive range of services to ensure you’re getting the most from our products.  From the comprehensive design and build service to equipment training and after-sales support, SNF is on hand to ensure as little downtime and as smooth a transition as possible.

SNF customer engineering, which consists of a team of eight, has an annual turnover of more than £1.5 million and we’re constantly striving to improve and better the service for new and existing customers.  Saving customers’ money with high quality products is our main aim.  One of our customers installed seven FloMix units on its site and now expects savings of around £130k a year.

This department enables SNF to provide a one-stop shop with products specific to each customer’s process and the best polyelectrolyte to treat that process.  The team will help to optimise your dosages and keep operating costs to a minimum.

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