SNF ENERGY SERVICES was recently presented a Certificate of Recognition for being a finalist in the Environmental Innovation Award at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta.  This award recognizes efforts, initiatives, or technological developments that have minimized or eliminated the environmental impact of the oil & gas industry.

SNF’s submission for the award was based on innovative, water-soluble polymers, which are specifically formulated and produced to treat tailings in Canadian Oil Sands mining operations.  Our polymers are designed to facilitate the effective separation of mineral solids from water in the presence of varying conditions such as temperature, feed solids composition, flow rate, and mixing energy.  When selected and applied correctly, these products help decrease the acreage needed for tailings ponds, increase the volumes of water capable of being recycled or reused, and reduce the amount of time before a mine extraction site can be reclaimed.

SNF ENV innov Award Certificate

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