U.S. Municipal Water Treatment


POLYDYNE INC. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SNF HOLDING COMPANY and is responsible for the direct marketing of products, equipment, applications expertise, and related services to the municipal potable water and wastewater markets in the United States.  POLYDYNE is the market leader in supplying water-soluble polymers for the most demanding municipal solids-liquids separation processes.

POLYDYNE offers a range of capabilities and resources unlike any other polymer supplier in the municipal water treatment market and strives to meet the most demanding requirements, including those of some of the world’s largest municipal treatment facilities.


POLYDYNE can provide superior:

  • Product pricing
  • Product supply
  • Support services
  • Polymer storage, makedown, and dose control systems
  • Field sales, application, and optimization

United States POLYDYNE customers also benefit from our industry-leading manufacturing capabilities, offering the broadest range of polymers in the market.  Our CLARIFLOC™ brand polymers are manufactured at eight strategically located production facilities across the United States.  Each of these locations also serves a warehousing function for existing customers.


POLYDYNE INC., along with SNF HOLDING COMPANY, adheres to the highest quality manufacturing standards.  In addition to complying with ISO 9001 Standards, we are committed to our own internal Quality Policy.

SNF is committed to remaining certified to the International Organization of Standardization’s (ISO 9001:2015) Management System Standard.  ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable, and of good quality.  These standards are based on the principle of continuous improvement, which promotes a reduction in costs by minimizing waste and errors while increasing productivity.

“I just wanted you all to know that I’m very appreciative and grateful for the customer service your team provided to myself and DeKalb County yesterday. We were having issues with the polymer we ordered so I contacted (my sales representative) and explained to him what was going on and sent pictures. His response time along with (Customer Service) was superb and second to none. Things were handled quickly and professionally.  

We’ve never had any issues before so I would also like to take the time out to say thanks … for the continued support to our facility and also going out of their way to even stop by from time to time to see how things are going with us. From day one with me dealing with Polydyne the customer service has always been great and I wanted to say thank you all.”

 – L’Kardos Ware, Plant Operations Supervisor, Dekalb County Department of Watershed Management, Scott Candler Water Treatment Plant

Application Areas

Fresh, clean water being poured into a clear glass held by a hand with a greenery background

POLYDYNE’S CLARIFLOC™ brand polymers are used in a variety of potable applications such as clarification/settling,
filtration, dewatering, and other specialized treatment methods. These products are certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) in accordance with ANSI Std. 60 for use in potable applications.

Click here for a listing of our NSF-certified products.

Water treatment clarifier

POLYDYNE also offers CLARIFLOC™ brand polymers for use in municipal wastewater treatment applications, including clarification/settling, sludge thickening, and sludge dewatering in every possible treatment process variation.

Photo of a green park with trees and a bench while a sprinkler waters the grass

FLOBOND™ polymers are applied to turf and green spaces to improve water infiltration, reduce soil erosion, and minimize run-off of fertilizers and pesticides.

AQUASORB™ superabsorbent polymers improve the efficiency of irrigation water applied by enhancing water retention in hydroseeding, sod installation, and tree planting operations.


Many POLYDYNE products are certified as NSF International approved products for use as Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals.  A listing of certified products can be found here:

Polydyne NSF Certified Products

CLARIFLOC™ emulsion, powder, solution, and mannich-grade polymers.

CLARIFLOC™ organic coagulants based on polyDADMAC and polyamines.

FLOBOND™ powder and emulsion-grade polymers AQUASORB™ powder-grade superabsorbents in various particle sizes

FLOSPERSE™ dry and liquid polycarboxylic-based dispersants and scale inhibitors.


FLOSORB™ ABSORBER is a dry, non-toxic absorbent product designed to absorb a variety of water-based and hydrocarbon-based liquid and semi-solid spills.

FLOSORB is designed to make easy cleanup of almost any type of liquid spill that may occur in almost any water treatment setting.

This is a lightweight absorbent with a porous, high surface area structure, allowing it to rapidly absorb 20-30 times more liquid, is 90% lighter, and absorbs spills 5 times faster than clay-based products.

Chemical spills require approximately 97% less FLOSORB ABSORBER for cleanup versus most clay-based absorbents!

FLOSORB™ Absorber Product Bulletin

Optimizing polymer preparation and feed is key to consistently achieving optimal performance.

Through FLOQUIP, SNF’s engineering and equipment division, POLYDYNE supplies standard or custom-built systems for storing, feeding, making down, and automatically dosing a variety of polymer types:

Dry powder-grade polymers:  FLOQUIP DH, DBF, and DBH Series Systems


Liquid, emulsion, or solution-grade polymers:  EA, EM and Poly Dolly™ Series Systems



High-viscosity mannich-grade polymers:  ML Series Systems


Their modular design allows for rapid reconfiguration to incorporate a wide range of options from which you can select to meet any need for your specific municipal polymer application.  All units come pre-assembled, pre-tested, and skid-mounted, ready for easy installation and startup.  These are standard systems.  Please contact your POLYDYNE representative for pricing and availability.

For those municipal applications requiring systems larger or more elaborate than our standard equipment, POLYDYNE, and FLOQUIP, will work with you to custom-design and build a polymer preparation and feed system tailored to your exact requirements – including site surveys, design engineering, and CAD drawings.


POLYDYNE and FLOQUIP can provide in-house or field services for installation, startup, operation, and maintenance of our systems.  Field technical support or troubleshooting of our equipment can also be arranged.


Polydyne has contracted with Mauser Packaging Solutions to provide empty container pickup services for SNF-supplied drums and totes. Please click the link below to learn more about the service and to schedule the return of empty containers.*

*Restrictions and limitations apply.