Injection and WaterproofingSolutions for Soil Treatment and Leakages

SNF products are designed to interact or react with soil and water.  They provide consolidation, waterproofing, and fluid loss reduction in various applications.  The SNF R&D team designs tailor-made formulations to meet customer requirements.

Injection and Waterproofing

Service companies are treating soil and leakages by injection of SNF products. Treatment fills voids inside the soil or any structure in order to consolidate, plug, or waterproof the area.  Different approaches and technologies are considered depending on the final targets.

Either polymers or bicomponent systems (acrylate or acrylamide based) can be injected for the following purposes:

  • Waterproofing in tunneling
  • Concrete crack sealing in dams, pits, and walls
  • Parking expansion joints
  • Soil consolidation
  • Selective plug
  • Fluid loss control

Each case is specific and SNF experts are available through the entire selection and implementation process to define suitable solutions for successful project achievement.

Injection and Waterproofing Products

Injection Products

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CEA highly-structured polymer in liquid or powder form that is used as fluid loss material or void filling.
FLOSET™ GelA bi-component system, acrylate or acrylamide-based, providing low viscosity injection liquids. Final gel properties such as setting time, flexibility, and hardness are adjustable. Suitable for waterproofing and soil stabilization.