Increased Value to Local SandsClay Inhibition Solutions

Due to the rapid depletion of natural sand deposits, sand aggregates in construction formulations are now “manufactured sands.”  While the crushing process drives grading and shape, the clay mineralogy of source rock dictates fines properties.  SNF provides solutions to overcome fines deleterious impacts on concrete and mortar performance.

Increased Value to Local Sands

SNF’s FLOSET™ EVA polymers are ready-to-use, developed to overcome negative impacts of swelling clays, and contained in coarse and fine aggregates used in building formulations (concrete, road, asphalt, etc.)

These FLOSET™ EVA polymers selectively react with clays and inhibit undesired interactions with other ingredients of the final composition such as water, dispersing agents, etc.

Aggregate producers receive the following benefits from FLOSET™ EVA:

  • Upgrade marginal material already extracted and initially downgraded due to high clay content
  • Reduce waste and cost of fines management: no longer necessary to remove the entire population of fines (containing valuables ones), since the undesired fines are neutralized
  • Valorize and commercialize the full reserves of any career extracting clay contaminated aggregates
  • Maintain dynamic flow properties of building formulations by preventing clay swelling in presence of water
  • Keep other additives (like superplasticizers) at maximum efficiency by inhibiting affinity with clays