Deep Foundations

In supplying customized drilling polymers and additives, we assist in handling the most difficult soil conditions.  Our products are designed to optimize both the performance and cost of drilling operations.

Deep Foundations

Civil Engineering involves planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operations of infrastructure, and all are part of our daily lives.

Geotechnical Engineering focuses on analyzing existing subsurface conditions and materials before designing deep foundations such as bored piles, barrettes, diaphragm walls for tall buildings, bentonite-cement plastic walls, sewage tunnels, metro lines, and train stations.

Contractors specialized in deep foundations are using specific support fluids to complete projects.  Successfully completing an excavation or drilling at optimal cost depends on the properties of drilling fluids and additives to achieve several purposes such as:

  • Carrying cuttings to the surface and easing solid-liquid separation
  • Maintaining continuous borehole integrity during excavation
  • Increasing skin friction
  • Preventing fluid loss
  • Ensuring compatibility with other construction materials such as concrete and reinforced steel bars
  • Preventing pollution of the ground or groundwater and enhancing the safety of site operators

There are two types of polymer-based drilling fluids:

  • 100% polymer-based when eco-friendly solutions are required
  • Mixed drilling mud based on bentonite and hydrosoluble polymers

Our portfolio of drilling additives for deep foundations includes:

  • Dispersants and mud thinners
  • Lost circulation material
  • Anti-clay swelling agents
  • Plugging agents
  • Viscosifiers
  • Borehole cleaners

Our technical team has extensive knowledge of soil-polymer interactions and years of field experience and can help in any drilling project in accordance with the best practices.

Products for Deep Foundations

Anti-Clay Swelling

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CEHighly efficient cationic permanent clay inhibitors are provided in an easy-to-use liquid form.

Borehole Cleaners

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CECationic or nonionic liquid soluble polymers are applied before cementing.


Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CTProducts used for drilling fluid viscosity reduction and for mud shelf-life extension.

Drilling Mud Polymers

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CERange of premium drilling polymers designed for boreholes, trenching, and diaphragm walls with the ability to cope with any soil and water conditions.

Lost Circulation Material

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSORB™ CEHighly structured polymers, in powder or liquid form, for fluid loss control while drilling.

Plugging Agents

Product CategoryDescription
FLOSET™ CEReady to use water-swellable liquids. Bi-component resins for plugging applications while drilling.
FLOSORB™ CESuperabsorbent polymers in powder form.