SNF is a global leader in the field of acrylic thickeners for the textile industry, including chemicals for printing, dying, finishing, and sizing.  SNF works closely with companies and customers within the textile market to develop new polymers that are high-performing and cost-effective.  SNF’s ultimate concern is customer satisfaction and providing quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ needs for textile applications.


SNF’s FLOPRINT™ line of thickeners allows for higher printing speeds, superior performance, increased color yield, and higher shear rate.  FLOPRINT™ products are compatible with most classes of dyes and natural thickeners.


SNF’s FLOLUX™ line of pre-treatment chemicals is used for digitally printed textiles including cotton, viscise, silk, wool, polyamide, polyester, and their blends.


SNF’s FLOSIZE™ and FLOLINE™ SIZE products are used for sizing of warp yarns as a complete or partial replacement of common warp size such as starch or PVA.


SNF’s FLOFIX™, FLOLINE™ LUB, FLOSPERSE™, and FLOLUX™ products are used as dye fixers, cationizers, polymeric lubricants for crease prevention, dispersants for dye bath conditioners, and anti-migrants for continuous dyeing.


FLOPRINT™ thickeners offer numerous functional benefits.

Their properties are:

  • To let the paste go through the screen when the shearing force is applied
  • To control the amount of paste that is transferred
  • To build up viscosity quickly after the shearing force is removed
  • To hold the paste in position on the cloth against capillary forces.
  • To prevent flushing or bleeding
  • To allow the paste to penetrate to the required extent
  • To allow the dye to get into the fiber (substantive dye printing)


  • FLOLUX™ Finishing Products and Antimigrants
  • FLOSPERSE™ Dispersing Agents
  • FLOFIX™ Fixing and Cationizing Agents
  • FLOLINE™ LUB Polymeric Lubricants
  • FLOLINE™ SIZE  and FLOSIZE™ for Textile Sizing
  • FLOPRINT™ Thickeners