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Backed by world-class equipment and engineering support, qualified applications specialists, efficient manufacturing of quality water-soluble polymers, and optimized supply chain management, SNF is a recognized leader in the development of high-performance chemical solutions designed to exceed the needs of our customers in the Oil & Gas Industry.

SNF polymers are manufactured on 5 continents, which allows us to provide polymer solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry in a cost-effective, energy-efficient manner.  Regionally dedicated SNF Manufacturing, Engineering, Logistics, and Service Centers support our clients worldwide. 


In Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), polymer flooding is a cost-effective approach to maximize the productivity of existing assets.

A polymer flood project can reduce water consumption by 80% per barrel of oil produced.  Likewise, the amount of CO2 required to produce a barrel is reduced by 66% due to a reduction in pumping energy.

In Hydraulic Fracturing, our polymers reduce the required energy for oil extraction by more than 50%, thereby reducing emissions of CO2.


SNF understands the challenges of working on projects in remote regions of the world where most oil and gas assets are located.

We also understand the critical nature of receiving products to support operations on time, in the quantities you need, and delivered in the most efficient manner possible.

SNF has years of successful experience in providing polymers to remote locations for oil and gas drilling, cementing, and completions.


Over the last 20 years, SNF acquired a solid understanding of clients’ constraints on oil fields. Combined with Polymer expertise we offer full engineering systems to optimize injection for polymer flooding applications.

Based on a modular approach, SNF developed Plug and Pump systems that can easily be transported and deployed on-site.  Adapted to any existing well configurations, our portable units enable polymer solution preparation and ensure quick and efficient injection once installed.



Increasing Operational Efficiency and Profitability

Achieving maximum production potential is crucial to the success and profitability of any well stimulation operation.  With world-leading manufacturing capability, dedicated global R&D, and technical support, SNF can help you realize that objective.

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Designed to Extract More

Polymer-based EOR technologies are proven to increase production efficiency and extend the economic producing life of conventional oil resources, resulting in reduced carbon intensity.  As a full-service provider with global experience, SNF can assist with all phases of project development and implementation.  Our dedicated team of chemistry and engineering professionals will help your project create maximum value.

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Improving Well Performance, Reducing Non-Production Time

SNF supports our customers by delivering optimized drilling and completion programs with maximum efficiency to enable production-ready wellbores.  With a full range of specifically engineered polymers for water-based drilling fluid systems in powder, liquid, and emulsion forms, SNF can provide drilling polymers and services to satisfy any need.

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Optimizing Casing Performance

SNF provides our customers with optimized drilling and completion programs that maximize efficiency and enable production-ready wellbores.  The SNF team has many years of polymer experience in a variety of cementing applications, across multiple markets.  We continue to meet our customers’ challenges with a strong commitment to innovation, performance, cost-efficiency, and the environment.

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Production Chemicals

Maintaining Flow, Optimizing Asset Performance

When the wellbore is complete, the job isn’t over.  Maintaining oil or gas flow becomes paramount.  SNF offers specially developed and manufactured products to overcome these challenges, which can also vary depending on project location.  SNF products conquer some of the toughest oil and gas water treatment demands around the world, for both onshore and offshore applications.

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Oil Sands

Optimizing Extraction and Tailings Management

SNF is dedicated to delivering class-leading chemistries for non-conventional crude production in the Canadian Oil Sands.  We understand the critical issues facing today’s tailings management operations.

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