Construction & Civil Engineering


Construction & Civil Engineering

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SNF products are present in many civil engineering projects; Upstream as ingredients for mortar/concrete formulators and sand/bentonite manufacturers, On the job site as mud components or drilling/tunneling additives,  Downstream for waterproofing and mud/water management.


Ingredients for Formulators

SNF Toolbox for Your Formulation Developments

The selection of the right ingredients is a key point in formulator expertise.  SNF products provide water release control and rheology (flow, texture, fluidity, anti-sagging). Our products help formulators meet customer specifications and challenges, amongst numerous segments such as mortars, renders, flooring, concrete, sealants, and adhesives.

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Increased Value to Local Sands

Clay Inhibition Solutions

Due to rapid depletion of natural sand deposits, sand aggregates in construction formulations are now “manufactured sands.”  While the crushing process drives grading and shape, clay mineralogy of source rock dictates fines properties.  SNF provides solutions to overcome fines deleterious impacts on concrete and mortar performance.

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Injection and Waterproofing

Solutions for Soil Treatment and Leakages

SNF products are designed to interact or react with soil and water.  They provide consolidation, waterproofing, and fluid loss reduction in various applications.  The SNF R&D team designs tailor-made formulations to meet customer requirements.

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Tunneling and Horizontal Directed Drilling

Additives for Tunnel Boring Machines and Mud Management

SNF provides solutions for underground projects, from front shield to mud conditioning, transportation, and waste management.  Our products ensure that tunneling operations run at peak efficiency while minimizing waste.  SNF civil engineering experts are always available to support operations through to completion.

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Deep Foundations

Drilling Muds and Drilling Additives

In supplying customized drilling polymers and additives, we assist in handling the most difficult soil conditions.  Our products are designed to optimize both performance and cost of drilling operations.

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Performance Additives

Products for Jobsite Management

Alongside each drilling project there are needs for security, environment, regulatory compliance, and effectiveness.  Our performance additives are designed to fulfill customer requirements and improve operator safety.

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Bentonite Enhancers

Extenders and Filtrate Reducers

Reduced reserves of high-quality bentonite and unequal distribution of resources push bentonite producers to add polymers to guarantee viscosity and yield without damaging filtrate.  With our global manufacturing locations, we provide polymers everywhere to help bentonite to meet drilling mud specifications (viscosity, yield, and filtrate).

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