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SNF offers products to improve irrigation efficiency, increase water holding capacity, and protect against erosion and crusting.  Our team has experience, capabilities, and technologies to deliver timely and accurate product placement to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Innovative products from SNF provide cost-effective solutions to expensive problems.  As the world’s leading producer of polyacrylamide (PAM) polymers, SNF has the experience and resources to deliver results.  Our products have been developed to address specific challenges.  Crusting, wind erosion, poor infiltration, low water holding capacity, and inadequate water movement in soil profiles can all be solved with the appropriate and properly applied SNF products.


Our FLOBOND™ and SOILPAM™ lines of polyacrylamide (PAM) products provide safe and effective solutions to water quality and quantity issues in the turf, crop, and ornamental segments.

PAM is proven to increase soil porosity, which promotes uniform percolation and usable volume of the applied water.  However, when used on sandy soils, PAM decreases percolation and allows retention and utilization of more of the applied water before it passes through the root zone.


Soil porosity and poorly structured soils can be improved by using PAM polymers to prevent erosion and loss of nutrients.  Soil cohesion is increased when PAM is applied, so less sediment is washed away by runoff and by wind drift.  On average, erosion is reduced by 95%!

SNF offers FLOBOND™ and SOILPAM™ lines of PAM products to address soil conditioning, stabilization, and erosion control needs.


SNF manufactures superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) capable of retaining 400x their weight in water.  When placed in soil, SAPs store water near plant roots, making it readily available for uptake during dry conditions.  With the use of SAPs, the cycle of water absorption / desorption minimizes overall water usage and plant stress.