Introducing NATURSOL™ EMI Lite:  The Next Evolution in Sustainable Rheology Modifiers SNF proudly announces the launch of NATURSOL™ EMI Lite, a groundbreaking innovation set to redefine the landscape of skincare formulation. This revolutionary product seamlessly merges performance with sustainability, marking a significant advancement in the […]

SNF expects to use these funds to further develop its production capabilities within the country, meet infrastructure needs of its key clients, expand its workforce in the region. SNF, world’s leading manufacturer of polyacrylamide, has announced $250 million expansion plan in self-financing and partnerships in […]

SNF has completed a two-year-long construction and expansion of ADAM (dimethylaminoethyl acrylate) monomer production capacity at our facility in Riceboro, Georgia. This expansion increases SNF’s U.S. ADAM capacity by 80%. ADAM is the main feedstock for ADC80 cationic monomer, an essential component in all SNF […]

This new generation polymer provides crystal clear and viscous formulations. FLOCARE™ SK 425 can be used in cold process formulations. It enables perfect stability with high levels of electrolytes in skincare.  FLOCARE™ SK 425 is also compatible with surfactant systems up to 5% for usage in facial cleansing. FLOCARE™ SK 425 has an outstanding after-feel […]

April 1st, 2021. SNF has published its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria report for 2020. 90% of the group’s €3.0 billion 2020 sales meet the UN’s sustainable development goals. All SNF products contribute to either treating, recycling, preserving water, or saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint. SNF is a pioneer of soft chemistry […]

The FAST team’s primary objective is to provide the oil and gas community with the best recommendations for scale control, a class of water-soluble chemicals including polymers of SNF.

PRESS RELEASE Water treatment represents 65% of SNF’s activity in Andrézieux, France.  Practically all municipal water treatment plants, and most of the industrial plants in France, use SNF products.  These treatment plants cannot operate without these products, and a supply shortage would create a major […]

Baton Rouge — Gov. John Bel Edwards and SNF Holding Company President John Pittman confirmed the company is investing an additional $375 million to expand its water-treatment and water-conditioning polymer production plant near Plaquemine, Louisiana. With the investment, the company will retain 390 existing jobs […]