SNF men and women form a unique community in terms of their expertise, profession, nationality, role and personality.

SNF staff policy focuses on two priorities:

  • The individual development of its employees
  • Social development through initiatives focused on improving collective working conditions

Each of its 6,600 employees (in around 80 countries) contributes to SNF’s success, performance and development as a world leader in its field.

SNF human resources policy offers its employees the opportunity to develop their careers within an innovative and global group and aims to attract and retain the best talents. This means creating and maintaining a social environment that offers good working conditions and fair treatment at all times.  The policy is based on individual development initiatives and constant improvement of collective working conditions.

Individual development includes recruitment, training and career opportunities.  It is designed to enhance individual skills and know-how.  To this end, the career management policy offers career paths that strengthen the expertise of individual employees and the Group as a whole.  The training policy supplements these initiatives by updating theoretical knowledge to ensure the development of the various professions.

Initiatives focused on collective working conditions are carried out with a view to ensuring ongoing progress.  They include all measures designed to improve employee health and safety and the working environment.  These measures are also designed to establish a harmonious social climate in order to prevent conflicts through listening and social dialog.  Diversity of origin, profile and training is also reinforced.  Moreover, SNF ensures compliance with the Company bylaws, treaties, conventions, laws and regulations in force in the countries and regions in which it operates.

SNF emphasizes professional parity between women and men and ensures that women, historically not very present in the industry, benefit from salary conditions and career development opportunities similar to those of their male counterparts.  In France, the SNF Group adheres to the agreement relating to professional equality between women and men and to diversity, concluded on July 2, 2019 with revisions set in 2022.  This agreement concerns, among other things, recruitment and integration, remuneration and promotion, access to training, and work-life balance.

The male / female index, made mandatory in France in 2019, is a relevant evaluation criterion of the policy carried out.  For 2020, SNF obtained a score of 88/100.

SNF Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out the rules followed by SNF and defines the individual and collective guidelines each employee must comply with. The Chief Compliance Officer is available to all employee of the Group to answer any questions regarding the interpretation and implementation of this Code.

Our values are both specific to SNF, as they have been forged by our history and culture, and universal since they are inspired by fundamental principles such as the Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact.

We are fortunate to be position on markets which contribute to the preservation of our environment since the bulk of our activity is dedicated to clean or to preserve water.

I trust I can count on every employee of our Group to keep expanding our activity while living fully and daily our values and ethics principles.

~ Pascal Remy, Chairman & CEO