Reducing the environmental footprint of SPCM, the parent company to all SNF entities, is a major corporate commitment.   To achieve this, SNF has changed its industrial practices with the aim of limiting its emissions and optimizing its consumption.  SNF Group relies on a Sustainable Development Department, reporting directly to the Executive Committee, which includes the Product Safety and Environment Department as well as Sustainable Development.

The growth of the world population and its standard of living, on the other hand, is leading to increased consumption and therefore a scarcity of the planet’s raw materials, including water.

SNF main activity is water treatment.  Population growth, increasing urbanization, and massive irrigation have a strong impact on water demand and affect access to drinking water.  Access to quality water for the world’s population is a major challenge of this century.  A leader in the manufacturing and application of water-soluble polymers, SNF Group has developed a range of more than a thousand products that help to preserve our natural resources, promote recycling, and improve the efficiency of industrial processes.

The polymers produced by SNF Group have several complementary functions: flocculation to separate solids and liquids, viscosification, and friction reduction contributing to significant energy gains.

Our products are used in all areas where water is present, namely drinking water production, wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, oil and gas extraction, mining, agriculture, paper, textile and cosmetic products.  SNF has put chemistry at the service of nature, because its products play an essential role in preserving our environment and in ensuring access to energy.  In this way, they contribute to carrying out and achieving our ambition: to improve the daily lives of everyone, everywhere in the world.

Thanks to its research and development units and the numerous patents filed, SNF Group constantly improves its performance with the idea of producing more and consuming less.  In 2019, the group filed more than 100 patents.  About forty patent projects are in progress, several of which are being drafted.

Most of the research and development is carried out in France at the Andrézieux site.

2020 Ecovadis Sustainability Rating

The SNF Group obtained a Silver Medal in recognition of our EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Rating for 2020.