How to control soil erosion and prevent soil loss with Floculants? Watch out our Rainfall Simulator!

Soil erosion and land degradation pose a major threat to global food security. Soil is a finite resource and 95% of the food we eat comes from it.
Soil erosion decreases agricultural productivity, degrades ecosystem functions and amplifies hydrogeological risk (floods, landslides). Soil needs to be protected with all possible means by covering them with vegetation such as : cover crops, direct sowing, agroforestry.
In some cases, soil must be tilled, leveled or mounded … and is affected by erosion.
Floculants can be used to limit this erosion. It works by aggregating particles that are dispersed by rain events. This technology is used to protect or recover eroded lands while seedling and can also be used in agriculture potatoe tubbers
Clay-humic complex is stabilized, water infiltration increases, nutrients are maintained, soil is protected and ready to express its potential.

Soil Erosion Control