SNF will Present its EOR & Oilfield Performance Chemicals for Cementing and Drilling and its Solutions to Reduce Water Consumption and CO2 Emissions in the Oil & Gas Industry

SNF is a recognized leader in developing high-performance chemical solutions designed to exceed the needs of our customers in the Oil & Gas Industry. It is backed by world-class equipment and engineering support, qualified applications specialists, efficient manufacturing of quality water-soluble polymers, and optimized supply chain management.

In Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), polymer flooding is a cost-effective approach to maximize the production of existing assets. A polymer flood project can reduce water consumption by 80% per barrel of oil produced.  Likewise, the amount of CO2 required to produce a barrel is reduced by 66% due to reducing pumping energy.

In Hydraulic Fracturing, our polymers reduce the required energy for oil extraction by more than 50%, thereby reducing emissions of CO2.


Over the last 20 years, SNF has acquired a solid understanding of clients’ needs for its oil fields. Combined with our Polymer expertise, we offer full engineering solutions to optimize injection for polymer flooding applications. Based on a modular approach, SNF developed Plug-and-Pump systems that can easily be mobilized and deployed on-site.  Our portable units enable polymer solution preparation and ensure quick and efficient injection once installed. In addition, they can be adapted to any well-configuration.


SNF understands the challenges of working on projects in remote locations where most oil and gas assets are located. We also understand the critical nature of receiving products to support operations in time, in the quantities the clients need, and delivered most efficiently. SNF has years of relevant experience providing polymers to remote locations for EOR,  oil and gas drilling, cementing, and completions.


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