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Shaping the Textile Industry

SNF Textile division provides a wide range of rheology modifiers, thickeners, film formers, and chemical auxiliaries to enhance productivity in the textile industry while reducing environmental impact.

Conventional Printing

SNF offers a wide range of synthetic thickeners designed specifically for Pigment, Reactive, Disperse, and Acid printing.

SNF synthetic thickeners allow better control of printing paste rheology to perform the best printing techniques with higher definition, higher color yield, better washability, and handle.

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Digital Printing

For digital printing, the key is to hold ink deposits on the fabric surface before the drying step.

The aim is to also prevent flushing during fixation to obtain the best color yield and maintain an excellent print definition.

​SNF has developed a specific range of products to pretreat fabrics before digital printing on multiple ink types.

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Pre-Treatment & Dyeing

SNF offers a wide range of chemical auxiliaries for the dyeing process to enhance performance in various wet-processing steps such as pre-treatment, fixation, lubrication, and others.

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Carpet Printing

For digital printing on fabrics, synthetic thickeners are required in the carpet industry’s digital printing process to enhance the print’s performances with the lowest impact on the environment.

​SNF know-how allowed to develop the FLOPRINT™ CP range of polymers to:

  • Minimize the printing cost
  • Achieve an optimum print quality
  • Control the ink deposit on the surface
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SNF has developed a full range of synthetic polymers designed for sizing applications to ensure:

• Improvement of loom efficiency
• No dust observed during individual yarn separation
• Yarns are extremely soft on their surface
• Desizing: easier to remove than PVA
• Our polymers also work as flocculants after desizing
• Possibility of recycling back into the application

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