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Water is essential to the paper industry, where it is used to transport cellulosic fibers and mix them with other components. Increased paper and water recycling practices place a heavier burden on improvement of chemistries used to maintain paper and board quality.

When paper is recycled multiple times, larger amounts of chemicals have to be used to maintain the performance levels of the machine and the paper.

SNF Polymers for Paper

SNF manufactures products specially designed to meet pulp and paper industry needs. We provide not only process chemicals for on-machine application but also flocculants and coagulants for effluent treatment plants. From the highest quality printing paper grade to the stiffest board made from recycled waste paper, SNF has specific products to improve the manufacturing process.

In order to answer all of the industry’s requirements, SNF manufactures most of the synthetic coagulants and flocculants useful to the paper processes covering a wide range of formulations: cationic, anionic, amphoteric, with various molecular weights, in solid, liquid or emulsion phases.

One of SNF’s priorities is the development of new polymers driven by the customer’s need and our understanding of the interactions between fibers and polymers. These new polymers allow a greater productivity of the paper machine, such as retention and paper machine speed. Our latest developments are designed to enhance paper physical properties, machine runnability, regardless of the pulp quality.