Laboratory Services

SNF constantly develops a wide range of products designed for its customers, the paper mills chemical suppliers. Those servicing companies provide skills and experience to improve paper machine runability, paper physical properties, and effluent treatment thanks to SNF products.

On-Machine Applications

  • Drainage / Retention Systems
  • Formation Aids
  • Filler Retention
  • Fixation / Coagulation
  • Runability Agents
  • Dry Strength Aids
  • Temporary Wet Strength Aids
  • Polymers for ASA Sizing
  • Defoamers

Off-Machine Applications

  • Flocculants
  • Coagulants
  • Dispersants
  • Defoamers

Strategically Located

SNF Paper Laboratories are nearest our largest manufacturing facilities around the world to provide support to the SNF Research & Development teams and provide technical assistance and complaint resolution to our current customers.

These laboratories are located in:

Andrezieux, France:  The first paper application laboratory, created in 1995, provides support to the SNF R&D Team and customers in the EMEA.

Taixing, CN:  Started in 2005 to provide support to our Chinese customers.

Riceboro, USA:  Began operating in 2018 and managed by the Customer Applications Group, this laboratory supports our North American customer needs.

Paper Lab Equipment Services

Wet End Equipment

  • Pulp Disintegrators
  • Lab Pulpers
  • Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF)
  • Britt Jar Apparatus
  • Dynamic Drainage Analyzers (DDA)
  • PCD (Dissolved Charge)
  • SZP (Fiber Zeta Potential) Pulp Disintegrators
  • Pulp Refiners

Handsheet Equipment

  • Dynamic Handsheet Makers, Press, and Dryer
  • CTP Handsheet Maker

Paper Physical Properties Testing

  • Short Span Compression Testers (SCT)
  • Fluter and Compressometers (RCT and CMT)
  • Burst Testers
  • Scott Bond
  • Dynamometers (Breaking Length and Wet Breaking Length)
  • Cobb
  • RCT
  • Folding Endurance
  • HST (Hercules Sizing Test)

Equipment Designed and Sold by SNF

  • Dynamic Handsheet Formers
  • Portable Dynamic Drainage Jars
  • Drainage Scale Recording Devices
  • Entrapped Gas Testers