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The Most Competitive Wet-End Program

SNF offers the broadest and most comprehensive portfolio of water-soluble polymers on the market. SNF has direct sales offices in 50 countries, 8 primary factories, and 13 industrial sites in strategic locations around the world.

SNF manufactures products specially designed to meet pulp and paper industry needs. We provide not only process chemicals for on-machine application but also flocculants and coagulants for effluent treatment plants. From the highest quality printing paper grade to the stiffest board made from recycled waste paper, SNF has specific products to improve the manufacturing process.

In order to answer all of the industry’s requirements, SNF manufactures most of the synthetic coagulants and flocculants useful to the paper processes covering a wide range of formulations: cationic, anionic, amphoteric, with various molecular weights, in solid, liquid, or emulsion phases.

One of SNF’s priorities is the development of new polymers driven by the customer’s need and our understanding of the interactions between fibers and polymers. These new polymers allow greater productivity of the paper machine, such as retention and paper machine speed. Our latest developments are designed to enhance paper physical properties, machine runability, regardless of the pulp quality.

SNF also offers application support from our paper technical centers in Riceboro (USA), Taixing (CHINA), and a world-class facility at our headquarters in Andrézieux (FRANCE).

Papermakers around the world have used SNF Paper Solutions for more than 40 years.  SNF has proven its capability to help customers increase their profitability and efficiency.  Now, SNF is developing new technologies to match papermaking challenges on retention, contaminant control, strength, runability, sizing, and defoaming.

Our portfolio includes polymers for water treatment which are industry-wide references in many applications.

SNF manufactures a wide variety of paper chemicals:

  • Retention Aids
  • Fixatives
  • Strength Resins
  • Process  Chemicals

SNF Solutions to Common Papermaker Challenges

Driving the Paper Board Machine Faster

Implementing best practices and fine-tuned polymer selection in terms of molecular weight, ionic charge, and chemical structure.

Utilizing SNF’s double-cationic program, various technologies are available for thick or thin stock applications, in combination with retention solutions.

Microparticle and defoamer solutions are also available.

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Improving the Paper Board Dry Strength Efficiently

Our DSR (Dry Strength Resin) programs reduce basis weight, improve machine speed, and eliminate poor fiber quality.

SNF‘s DSRs overcome starch weakness and optimize process conditions while maintaining retention and drainage.

In addition to improving the dry strength of the product, SNF’s additives enhance dewatering and machine runability.

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Improving Filler Retention

SNF provides suitable programs for a wide variety of paper grades such as packaging or graphic. Besides, we can adjust the technology to perform optimally on every machine.

The filler retention programs are preferably associated with a Coagulant such as Polyamine or a PolyDADMAC.

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Improving the Wet-End of Tissue Machines

SNF offers the best trade-off between retention (chemicals, fibers, and fillers) and dewatering to ensure the lowest moisture content before Yankee drying.

In addition to these improvements, our solutions enhance dry- and wet-strength performance while reducing flash breaks, developing creping flexibility, and increasing softness.

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Enabling Higher Use of Recycled Fibers

The key to efficient, recycled fiber use improvement is to maintain a balance between retention, drainage, and strength.

As the percentage of LOCC increases, performance decreases.  With SNF’s portfolio and our global specialists, the perfect system is proposed to match your production goals and can even go further.

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Improving Sizing Efficiency

Reconsider sizing system cost and efficiency: between internal and surface sizing.

AKD emulsions are supplied already emulsified, while ASA is emulsified on-site with appropriate SNF equipment and adequate polymer.

SNF also offers the broadest portfolio of ASA emulsifier technology.

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Optimizing Runability Through Foam Reduction

Runability can be further improved by treating on-machine white water and off-machine wastewater with an appropriate defoaming agent.

SNF’s defoamers are designed to work under every temperature conditions from 20°C to 70°C (68°F to 158°F) by de-aerating the water and preventing surface foam.

SNF’s technologies are developed with different concentrations to fit all paper machine conditions (packaging, tissue, fine paper, and newsprint).

All our products are available for food contact (BfR and/or FDA).

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