Dedicated Equipment for Polymer Injection

FLOQUIP Polymer Slicing Unit (PSU)

The FLOQUIPPSU (Polymer Slicing Unit) is patented, proprietary equipment designed for high speed dissolution of polymer in water under inert atmosphere, with low Nitrogen consumption and without polymer molecular weight degradation, thus ensuring targeted viscosity.

The PSU rapidly dissolves high concentrations of polymer (up to 15 g/L) with no filtration of the mother solution required.

It is designed to reduce downstream equipment size and required footprint, as well as optimize costs.

FLOQUIP PSU Polymer Throughput Capacities
ModelDry Polymer FlowrateSolution Flowrate at 1%Solution Flowrate at 1.5%
FLOQUIP™ PSU 2020 kg/h2 m3/h1.3 m3/h
FLOQUIP™ PSU 100100 kg/h10 m3/h6.7 m3/h
FLOQUIP™ PSU 300300 kg/h30 m3/h20 m3/h
FLOQUIP™ PSU 600600 kg/h60 m3/h40 m3/h
FLOQUIP™ PSU 15001,500 kg/h150 m3/h100 m3/h
FLOQUIP™ PSU 30003,000 kg/h300 m3/h200 m3/h


Mobile Injection Unit

SNF has designed and engineered a mobile, high-output polymer injection unit using patented technology to speed hydration and delivery of dry, polyacrylamide-based friction reducers (FR). Featuring an open design, the POWDERFRACX eliminates non-productive time and is a safe, reliable, and easy to operate/maintain system for preparing dry FR solutions.

When used with SNF’s FLOJETDRP X products, POWDERFRACX offers a cost-effective, easy to use, and environmentally-friendly solution for applying friction reducers in hydraulic fracturing stimulation.


Mobile Polymer Hydration System for Oil Sands

While conducting full-scale polymer performance evaluations right at the Oil Sands site, the FLOPILOTsystem enables operators and consulting engineers to test multiple treatment programs without disrupting operations.

  • Compact, high-output system
  • Transportable to any location
  • Automated, plug-and-play design
  • Economical operation
  • Meets Canadian Transport Authority regulations
SNF Graphic Chart Image

In-Line Viscosity Measurement

Controlling injection parameters is essential to polymer feed consistency.  SNF has therefore developed specific devices to ensure Continuous Polymer Viscosity measurement.

Two models are available:

FLOQUIPVDH: high pressure model (200 bar)
FLOQUIPVML: low pressure model (12 bar)

These in-line viscometers offer:

  • Continuous in-line viscosity measurement
  • Stable and accurate viscosity measurement (not affected by changes of pressure)
  • No polymer solution degradation – Not exposed to O2
  • Direct low shear measurement comparable to lab viscometer
  • Recording of data
  • No waste
  • No lab operator required
SNF Graphic Chart Image


For high temperature (>80 °C) and relatively low viscosity solution, conventional rheometers do not allow accurate data to be generated on injected fluids.

The FLOQUIPRHEOCAP Viscometer has been developed to give an accurate measurement of polymer solution viscosity and intrinsic viscosity.

The principle is based on measurement of a pressure drop through calibrated capillary tubing at a constant flow rate.  This system is portable and fully automated to allow accurate measurement over a wide range of viscosities (from water to 200 cP) and temperatures (up to 140 °C).

Primary characteristics:

  • Viscosity range from 0.2 to 200 cP
  • Temperature up to 140 °C
  • Shear rate range from 0.01 s-1 to 1000 s-1
  • Access to intrinsic viscosity and power law index n
  • Dimension: 492 x 356 x 254 mm – Weight: 22 Kg

Low Shear Polymer Control Valve

There are different possible options for polymer flooding depending on site configuration.
Dilution with water can be completed at either low or high pressure.
The FLOQUIPVPR and FLOQUIPLPR enable controlled injection in each individual well without degrading the polymer.

CASE 1: Diluted Solution, High Pressure Water Available

CASE 2: Diluted Solution, Low Pressure Water Available

CASE 3: Mother Solution, High Pressure Water Available

FLOQUIP Vortex Pressure Reducer (VPR)

The FLOQUIPVortex Pressure Reducer (VPR) is designed to control injection pressure or injection flow of polymer solution without inducing significant degradation.  It consists of a series of restriction orifices and valves to ensure a consequential and controlled pressure drop.

FLOQUIP Linear Pressure Reducer (LPR)

The FLOQUIPLinear Pressure Reducer creates an adjustable pressure drop through varying lengths of tubing without inducing shearing effect.