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A Sustainable Environmental Approach

Polymer flooding contributes towards meeting net zero production emission by reducing carbon dioxide emissions per barrel by 2-6 times.  This reduction is primarily achieved through a more efficient sweep of oil within the reservoir.


A Full Range of Polymer Technologies

Utilizing water injection to sweep oil toward producing wells is a widely deployed process.  The difficulties associated with displacing, producing, and recovering oil from a reservoir can be improved through polymer EOR technologies:

  • Polymer Flooding – improves mobility control
  • Conformance – reduces permeability contrast
  • Water Shutoff – restores hydrocarbon well inflow
SNF Application

Polymer Flooding

Backed by decades of successful field applications, polymer flooding represents a proven recovery technique to increase production efficiency and extends the economic producing life of conventional oil resources.  Providing improved mobility control, the increased swept oil volume results in decreased water production and a sustained period of higher oil rate.

Polymer fluid systems are also part of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (CEOR) schemes, such as Surfactant Polymer (SP) and Alkalai Surfactant Polymer (ASP) floods, which are applied to access bypassed capillary trapped oil.

SNF Application

SNF manufactures an extensive range of polymers in both powder and liquid inverse emulsion form for application to oil reservoirs of varying conditions. Best polymer solutions can be selected based on fundamental criteria pertaining to key reservoir properties and fluids, including:

  • Reservoir Permeability
  • Reservoir Temperature
  • Brine Salinity
  • Oil viscosity


SNF Application

Conformance and Water Shutoff

Optimal sweep efficiency is the goal of any secondary/tertiary recovery flooding process.  Poor sweep efficiency strands oil and can be compounded by geological features, resulting in the channeling of injected fluids and high water cut.  To correct poor sweep efficiency, in-depth reservoir treatment strategies are required and are achievable with appropriate polymer gel systems and designs.

SNF Application

EOR/IOR Services

SNF’s expertise in polymer chemistry and engineering allows any polymer flood project to be completed in-full with customized solutions. Due to the unique nature of each oilfield, we offer tailored polymer and equipment solutions, from conceptual studies through full field operations.