Improving Well Performance, Reducing Non-Production Time

SNF supports our customers in delivering optimized drilling and completion programs with maximum efficiency to enable production-ready wellbores.  We meet our customers’ challenges with a strong commitment to innovation, performance, and the environment.  Economic drilling of oil wells requires specific properties for drilling fluids supported by world-class supply chain and logistics.  Many demands are placed on these fluids to achieve multiple objectives, such as:

  • Enabling cuttings transport
  • Maintaining a cool and clean drill bit
  • Preventing differential sticking
  • Preventing inflow of formation fluids
  • Ensuring wellbore stability
  • Minimizing fluid loss

SNF produces a range of specifically engineered polymers for water-based drilling fluid systems in powder, liquid, and emulsion forms in various packaging to meet individual needs.  Each series of polymers meets one or several requirements, such as fluid-loss control, viscosity improvement, high temperature/high-pressure (HTHP) applications, and shale inhibition.  These polymers are produced in a variety of physical forms, molecular weights, and compositions for specific applications.  SNF drilling fluid polymer additives include:

  • Shale Inhibitors (clay anti-swelling agents)
  • Viscosifiers (emulsion fluid systems and water-based)
  • Solids Suspending Agents
  • Brine Viscosifiers
  • Bentonite Extenders
  • Fluid-Loss Control Agents for Mud
  • Dewatering Additives
  • Thinners/Dispersants
  • Rheology Modifiers
  • HTHP Applications
  • Solids Control

Drilling Services

SNF has laboratories in the U.S., France, China, and India that are able to develop water-based drilling fluids similar to those found in the field.  These formulations can be tested with a variety of SNF polymers to enhance your specific application objectives.

SNF laboratories are also able to provide produced water lab support.  This includes the development of treatment programs for the removal of oil, solids, and heavy metals.